When you fight someone, you need your friends to back you up. I need that back up now, the Stasi is still at my heels, this month they send me another bill, that they know will ruin my economy, not that there is much to take from, the smallish amount of money is not comparable to anything. We look at every nickle, and yet there is barely money to make everything come around. I must applaud the KGB of Denmark, the are extremely creative when it comes to finding new ways to rip me of money. They are creative in that sense. But are they right?

So the world wants me to make peace, I have done that. The KGB of Denmark wants me to shut up, and they are willing to torture my daughter to make me. Who will win?

One thing is certain, if this situation is not soon moving in a more peaceful way, someone will get hurt, not only my wallet, but physically.

So the world has a choice to make. I cannot lead the negotiations if my daughter is killed or maimed or whatever will be their next move, I NEED HELP.

G-d bless whoever will help me in this situation, IN ANY WAY!

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