When the world is in turmoil, it is because there is an element in the control systems that is not in the right place. Since the dawn of mankind, man has experimented and worked upon the way to reach enlightenment and happiness on earth. There are many different answers, as the answers in Mesopotamia, Greece, South America, China, Japan. But, in the end, the most advanced and thereby best are the answers found and initiated in the area around Jerusalem; to the north Assyria and Persia, to the south west Egypt and to the south Arabia.

So if we want to make a new world order that really, in the long run, works. We need to look at the ideas and principles that are developed and maintained in the fertile crescent including Egypt and Arabia.

It comes down to different ideas called the Republic or Democracy. And it comes down to ideas in what we call religion. But if we take a step back, these institution are really frames around specific ideas. Ideas as enlightenment, love, freedom and so on.

A new world order is in fact not a new world order, but an old world order. Understood as a renaissance. A rebirth of the original ideas of our different states of systems. As in America with the American dream, as Israel with the ambitions of world peace, as Iran with the ideas of Zoroaster combined with everything that Iran has developed under way.

You see? It is a recalibration of the states, so that the basic principles are made clearer, and the states are more well working.

This is a very difficult task to accomplish, because under way we encounter a lot of prejudice and resistance against change.

But we need to change, if we want something better in the world, we need to change.

This is my mission as a redeemer and lightbringer; to make people the best of themselves. To make people live up to their own ideals and heal all the wounds that has been put on the different peoples around the world.

This is how world peace can be won; through dialogue and understanding.

G-d bless the peace we may win.

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