Good deal

I hereby congratulate all the negotiators for a nice ending to the peace process. It was a hard and arduous negotiation, but as all things good, it was a brilliant deal made with good thoughts, good ideas thereby hopefully will end up in good actions.

As Zarathustra would have wanted it.

Looking a little further, this deal should hopefully end the conflict Israel has with the Gazans and the West bank. The deal is with Israel in mind, understood as a deal where Israel will have the opportunity to realize its own potential as the light of the Nations. We are now able to shed light on different issues of the nations, be punitive when that is acquired and supportive, when that is acquired. I know Mr. Netanyahu is skeptical, I know why. It is because the first deal in Oslo went totally wrong. But, listen, this deal is different. It is not a part of some scheme, it is not a Cold War strategy, it is a new world realization of how power is dealt today.

Power will be dealt according to justice in an open world, as we have now with the advent of the internet.

Everybody knows what everybody thinks and do. So therefore people will react logically and according to the light of justice, because they can.

Off cause things can go terribly wrong, and if that is the case, war will start. If not, peace will start.

I simply propose, regarding the West Bank. That reality dawns upon the negotiators. Abbas is a relic of the cold war, and a simple peace should be enacted. Just stop the bickering. Abbas has no support anyway, so he is not a man to consider. Israel should simply make a deal with whoever is in control and quietly remove all the armor making facilities.

As the power struggle continues elsewhere, the West Bank will settle in peace.

Concerning the Gaza strip and the Sinai, this is all a part of the struggle with The Muslim Brotherhood that has moved to Europe already, and is therefore basically a sideshow to what is happening in Europe. Headquarters is in London not in Cairo or Gaza.

Syria is a bit of a different scenario, but it can be mended. This is how;

Make a serious border drawing giving all the different factions its fair share. Make it safe, let people decide their own government for themselves, and then smoothly give them some money to rebuilt.

G-d bless the peace we have won.

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