A dream


Please let me let you in on a dream I had a few days ago. I found myself in a strange room, with a lot of bedfellows. It was dark and musty youth hostel of a kind, where the other inhabitants seemed to look out of their eyes from the corners, and suspicion seemed to seep out of the rotten walls.

It was a congregation of all who are working for light though. There were strange people, and yet after some time trust was built, and it seemed to me, that we where  there on a special mission.

You know how dreams are, they are like fleeting glimpses, and feeling you seem to have forgotten the moment after you feel them.

But this time the feeling has lingered on. It was a feeling of brotherhood, of something shared.

Now, after talking a while with the others in the little room, we chipped our differences and walked on. Some of us were called to the Pope, not on invitation, but to be the cleaners of the residence of the Pope.

We went into a cavernous church, the ceiling was hundreds of meters above, and the decoration was so detailed it was amazing. We went into the private chambers of the Pope, and there in the middle was a deep well. The well was coated with a deep container made out of the most beautiful of garments, shining red and dark in intricate patterns. The container was fixed on four hinges, one on each corner. But one of the corners were hanging loose. I noticed it, and it scared me, because it seemed to unravel some of the unity that was symbolized by the container.

Then all off a sudden as we stood there and watched the well and the container, the Pope appeared. Smiling and benevolent as only he could be. He said, do not worry about it, it is ok. The corner will mend.

We then all descended deeper into the chambers of the Pope. Then I realized who I was actually walking with. There was a jew, a christian and muslim at my side. Each had the vision of a knight, and we descended into the good grace of the Pope. He was our friend and mentor.

This is a sign, I believe. The sign of the unity of all three monotheistic religions.

Maybe it was just a dream, maybe it is for real.

G-d bless the unity of all who believe in the one G-d.

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