oriana1Andiamo, forward! All you fighters against repression and tyranny. All you bohemia and intellectuals, all you who are ready to sacrifice your best days in the service of freedom, all you who are ready to serve the democratic constitutions of Europe, all you singers and bards, all you fighters of light, all you who are wise and strong, all you who are respectable and honest, all you who are born in the bright light of the stars of unity, all you who are ready to live and die in the shadow of repression – all you who love the wise words of honest critique.

This would be the words of the late deceased and beautiful Oriana Fallaci. A princess of light and a strong fighter of justice. She first fought against the fascist dictator of Mussolini and then against the fascist dictator of the Islamists. Always honest, always courageous, always beautiful.

She has kind of been my spiritual mentor. Not that I had the chance to meet her, but I have always followed her and listened carefully to what she said. She was beautiful.

She had this problem, because as an intellectual you always wish you had time to write. Me as well, I always wish I had more time to write. In the end I always end up using my spare time on the blog, and not on writing on my books. I have several half finished books on my computer. Right now I am working on a book on Israel, but I never seem to get very long. It hovers over me as a bad dream. I want to write, but there is always something with Rakel or with my job, this and that.

So, as Oriana, I have decided, that I have to wait until I get the time, preferably soon, but then just accept, that my main media is the blog. It has it pros and cons, but blogging is much faster and people have ceased reading books anyway, so why the hassle and work on a tome hundreds and hundreds of pages long with correction, and then when you present it to the publisher, there is always some Political Correct argument against it.

So, ladies and gentlemen. You are now putting you bright sight on world-class philosophy ONLY produced for the net, read by small and large around the world. Each month there are hundreds of readers, and not just readers, but the most illustrious of the world.

So please enjoy my contribution to world peace, my scribblings made on trains, in the late hours of night, in the ambience of Rakel as she is put to sleep. Please accept, as Oriana said; my duty to the well-being of human kind.

G-d bless the writers.

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