dw-s7-weeping-libertyAs I have tried to entertain the audience, the war against al-Qaeda and The Muslim Brothers have moved to Europe.

This is the reality.

Now, many have scorned Egypt for their hard-handed response to the MB onslaught on the state. I have supported it from day one, because the brothers are basically as radical as al-Qaeda they just use other means as deception and counter terrorist schemes and games. As Ahmadinejad used to do. Same war, different methods.

We saw this unfurl after Morsi fell, and it was not pretty. If you put some pressure on these guys they will show you their real face. As in burning 80 churches and torturing innocent people in their dungeons. This is the real Muslim Brotherhood, not the pretty face they show the governments in Europe and the United States.

So what are we up against?

Well, according to the poet Yahya Hassan who is a defected Palestinian living in Denmark, the minority is pro west and pro democracy, the majority is pro Islamism.

If we take these numbers into our analysis, around 80 % of the Muslim migrate workers and their families are enemies.

It is hard to comprehend, but this is the reality. At least in Europe. Not to accept this is folly, and will lead into false conclusions. Ask the Copts, they know, and I know that they are on our side.

What does this have as a consequence in the daily life of the Europeans?

Well first of all, vast swaths of European soil is under islamic control. Mostly in poorer areas where sharia judges are the prime institution for justice.

It is often patrolled by gangs and in effect occupied by a foreign power, the power of the Ummah, the Muslim nation.

Here again we need to be very careful. It is not about gender or race or culture, it is about a systematic destruction of the civil rights of the citizens and ultimately the democratic constitution. It is a fight FOR democracy against the intruders who hate it.

This was obvious in Egypt, where the Brothers, once in power, did all they could to change the constitution in a more islamic sharia based constitution, not based on the will of the people, but on the will of the sharia. It may be good in others places, but Europe is based on democracy, not on sharia.

Thus we need to see the occupied territories as exactly that; land taken from democracy.

In Europe there are two different trends, one that linger and progress with the Brothers as they descend into hatred and abuse, and one that actively takes measures against them.

Here there is a north/south axis. There more north, the more the states are loyal to the Brothers. In Sweden most destructively, but in fact Norway is the most pro Muslim Brotherhood country there is, and therefore also the most violent in terms of resistance to the official agenda. As we saw with the Breivik case where an extreme violence was aimed at the ruling elite. As the youngsters sailed in make-believe Marvi Marmara boats, the conservative opposition basically decided to kill them – all.

So the friction and the opposition is extreme in the most extreme country.

Basically in Norway it is spiraling out of control. Oslo is the most violent capital of Europe, and the state is in disarray and totally pacified. The citizens are basically leaving the state, and are beginning to take the security in their own hands. A VERY dangerous situation.

Therefor we need to make a two plans in one. One for the countries that are in control of their own system, is pro democratic and ready to fight for their constitutions and democracy, another who are not ready and are either slipping into the stone ages or actively supporting the Muslim Brothers.

For the first category, I recommend a fierce upgrading of the security apparatus and then a mental realization of the situation we are in. No more lies, tell the public the situation and be prepared to answer the questions. Because that is the next thing. What do we do?

Well, first of all, we need to realize, that having foreign soldiers on european soil, is not viable. So we need to remove them to where they originally came from. This should be done in an orderly manner, and be based on two things:

1. How do the immigrant respect the law
2. How do the immigrant support the democratic constitution

Immigrants with consecutive violations of law, should be taken into custody and removed from the country. Immigrants who actively are fighting our democratic constitutions in this or that way, should be interrogated and relieved from the residence in Europe.

It is not about race, it is not about the rights of immigrants, it is about the onslaught on our democracies by people who wish to end it. We need to fight that fight.

The specifics of the second category we will develop more under way, and hopefully already touch upon at the meeting in Moscow.

G-d bless the freedom of democracy.

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