Make haste

Loooking at the new world order, one thing is apparent. The guarantee of peace lies with the existence of my humble being, and after that with my heir.

I feel like I have pushed at trolley downhill, and now after many years, the momentum is so extreme, so that it will carry me regardless of my own will.

There are no substitution, no alternative to world peace than my person. After that we are really lucky if one of my sons or daughters are able to lead in my footsteps.

This is the bare naked reality.

That is why we do not have much time to dally and wait for the Danish State to come to grips with the new order of things.

They are obviously absoluty tone deaf, and are willing to torture Rakel to make me bow to their stupid provinsial idiocy.

So if they manage to kill me or totally destroy Rakel, what will come of World peace? It will cease to exist.

Therefor I urge all the international players to make haste, and begin the pressure as soon as possible, it is a great opportunity we will loose, if they obtain their target.

G-d bless the swift and the strong.

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