The upcoming discussion in Russia is of an extreme importance. We are able, at this meeting, to steer the entire globe away from the apocalyptic wars we could have encountered, had we continued on the path we were in the Cold War. And we can celebrate that by making progress of all nations. A new era of peace and prosperity will hopefully dawn upon man, giving man the frame whereupon new leaps of progress can be made.

There are a few remaining players in the game, who are still playing by the now defunct Cold War rules, among them Scandinavia and especially Denmark who have fought hard to kill all progress and is now totally enzombied by a neo antisemitic discourse and trapped with millions of hard core Islamists in the countries, in a position they are very sorry to leave.

So we need to realize that just because the world as such have chosen a new path, the job is not over, there are many tasks to finish off after we have made the new course.

The arguments are strong; if we leave cold war alliances alive after everybody else have left them, they will come after us and haunt us in ten twenty years. Now is the time to cut down on all allies of Al-Quda and the Muslim Brothers. Before they are able to regroup and rebuild their strengths. This will be a task we do for our children and grandchildren, so that they do not have to fight the fights we did not have the time to do when it was easy.

This done, world peace will descend.

G-d bless the peace we will win if we are in the right mindset and just do it.

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