When all is lost, you fight to live another day

This fight with the Danish system, especially PET is not about Rakel, it is not about me, it is not about the world. It is something else, a greater truth all who believe and know that G-d is alive and worth fighting for knows. Exactly that; that G-d is alive.

My ultimate project has since my twenty second year has been to prove and fight for the simple truth that G-d exists.

Everybody knows this. This is basically why my supporters support me, because if I succeed G-d will live, if I fail, G-d will ultimately cease to exist.

This is why you should fight this fight, not to save me, but to save the project.

Cracks are forming in the hardened armor of the corrupt socialist state. Frightened people are trying to mend the situation. This means that something is moving. But who knows wherto?

I believe that when you face your destiny, and people are actively trying to kill you and tear your loved ones out of your arms, it is ok to fight from that corner for whatever you might have left. You could not lose any more, because all that I have had is already lost. So what is there to loose?

G-d bless the will to fight for your loved ones.

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