georgeWhen you fight for something or someone, you need at deep and serious philosophy to fight for.

Take the French revolution. In that time, philosophers invented and reinvented many ideas of government and statehood. Often it was the bohemes and the discredited intellectuals who actually invented the new ideas. Same with Communism in fact, psychology and many, many other philosophies.

So I suppose the longevity of a philosophy is relative to the quality of the philosophy. If it is good and well working, it will last, if it is of a low quality it will soon falter.

Now my philosophy seems to be pretty tough. It has survived the defection or rather the abdication of Tommy and Kev, and we are still going strong.

I hope we reach a situation where we can rebuild our strengths and reorganize. It would be good for us.

I believe we should now look at the long-term confrontation between our adversaries and us. We cannot save either England or Denmark or any other European country in a few years. This fight is a fight we need to pursue on the long run. We need to dig in, and slowly regain the upper hand of our constitutions and states. It will take a while, but as long as it is moving in the right direction, it is ok.

Therefor we need to work, work and work. Not only on the organization of our own systems, but on the organisation of the states. We need to give ideas to solve the conflicts we have, and repeat our dedication to our democratic constitutions, our flags, and our nations.

I will just put my book, “The Freestate” through Google translate. It will not be perfect, but the solutions and the ideas in it will be readable.

G-d bless the free.

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