In the light of the Rittenhouse verdict, I believe, that it is important, that we take a step back and look at it from outside. What was really the match that lit the fire, was it the police brutality, or was it the frustration of the Covid internment.

After mr. Trump was president, the frustration on both sides of the aisles have been moody and dark. Well, just because you feel angry, it does not mean that you are right, the reason why you feel angry needs to be analysed for the sentiment to be of any use.

The reason why people are angry is because they are in the know. They know what is going on in the dark halls of power. They are sceptical about Covid, they mistrust the government.

This is why the US is essentially the answer to the current crisis, together with France, because both countries were essentially built as a result of a crisis very much the same as what we have today.

The answers are off cause, transparency, honesty in government, power held accountable, integrity.

Right now we are kind of moving back and forth between control and transparency of government. To go through with Change, we need to step up, and be honest to give people hope again. There is no hope anymore, and we need to reinstate that hope.

G-d bless the will to be honest in the face of struggle and chaos.

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