Non violence

I know, that the US is all in the ropes about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. But, and listen, this is an area, where I personally have A LOT of experience. At least, experience with police brutality, that is unfounded in law. So my advice woul be; be realistic about the corruption of the police.

I will give you a story about my life. My ex-wife, she was, for many years, under the regime of the PET, the KGB of Denmark, because the PET wanted to shut me up. The PET infiltrated my family, my best friends, and they, most probably killed my mother.

Day out and day in, they tried to control me via the money I didn’t have. Once, I got a hundred bucks from my father I law in my birthday present, and immediately the PET came up with a fine to take the hundred bucks. I was not supposed to have any fun, I was supposed to be held out as an example of misery, for any who thought about talking about radical islam.

I was the jew in the gallow.

Once I just knew they would to kill my exwife, and I stopped it, narrowly. Over and over year after year. That the depth of police corruption in Denmark.

What did I do? I exercised my right to speak freely, as a philosopher. That was all I did. I did not do anything against the law. I LOVE the system of law. To me, the system of law is a true gem of civilisation.

And yet, even though I live to make the lawsystem just and fair, the system used all its corrupt powers to try and shut me up.

It was and is a disgrace.

So I know thing or two about the corruption of law enforcement.

Did I ever succumb to the violent act? No, I never did ANYTHING violent. Did to drive a car into a crowd? No, that would be a horrendous thought alone.

My point is, just because the police is corrupted, you cannot, and should not corrupt yourself.

When you start to take the law in your own hand, then the police win.

What you need to do, and this is what Mahatma Ghandhi did, over and over, is to show the world the corruption of the system. Do a march, with nonviolence. Let the police beat the crap out of you. They did it with me, and show the world, their disgusting level of lack of respect for the idea of law.

Law is there to protect the weak. That is the idea with law. As soon as it becomes a tool a tyranny, then the police or the persons of power are what we call tyrants.

Tyrants are the enemies of democracy.

That is what the founding fathers would have as an opinion.

It is time, that we think about that, and find our way back to a RESPECT for law, black and white, brown and yellow.

Law sees no color, only sees the weak, and tries to protect him or her.

The minute law becomes a tool of oppression, the founding fathers would have failed. Do we wish to be the generation that failed the very idea of this country, or do we want to be generation that polished the ideas, brought it into the light again, showed the world the validity of these ideas?

The choice is ours to do, we can do it.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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