Root for the poor, root for the common

Listen Joe, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against indigenous Americans. I have always had a good relationship with them. When I was sick, they did some kind of healing, and it helped me get well again. The same goes for gays. I used to be a dancer, and in that milieu I met a lot of gays. And yes, they can be too much, too much glitter, too much Eurovision, too much promiscuity. But at the heart of what gays are, they are just having a lot of difficulty with their sex orientation. They are often persecuted, people don’t like them and so on. The Jews the same, and often young women who are at the mercy of the dark webs of manly victimisation. That is the way of the world, it is difficult. The same goes with muslims, they are often vilified, but their response is violent, and so they dig their own grave. My father was a muslim, a wonderful, wonderful person. But the fact of the matter is, that a lot of muslims, seem to fly aeroplanes into buildings, so we have to do an adequate response to that. So we fight the Islamic state, because they are the ones flying aeroplanes into buildings.

My point is, even though we are seeing a lot of anger FROM the minorities, there is still a large unvoiced part of those minorities, that just want to go about their business, get to work, come home and cuddle their kids.

I these days with all the hullabaloo of Kyle Rittenhouse, it is the few who are yelling in the streets. We need to remember, that there are a lot more, who just want to have peace.

Root for them, those who just want peace. Not those who want to punish the white guy. Because honestly, they are the few. Most Americans, just want to go on with their lives, living it peacefully, and getting along.

The division between right and left is not good.

We need to bridge that gap, and create unity.

G-d bless the will to be a peacemaker in a difficult situation.

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