Time for Change

Well, we are now living in the aftermath of the first COVID internment. These are my reflections on it, in the light of the Rittenhouse verdict.

Frustration is NOT an excuse for Revolution. As rev. Martin Luther King said and did. We as black or mixed people should not be judged on the color of our skin, but on the content of our character. Which implies, that we should not judge white people on their skin either.

One of the most amazing and admirable character traits of rev. King was his utmost commitment to a very American principle envisioned by the philosopher Henry David Thoreau. That is, that to change a society, non violence is the purest path.

Sometimes one cannot rely only on non violence, but if there is an opportunity to change the world based on non violence, this path is the one to take.

Did the revolutionary rebels of post COVID respect this tenant of rev. King’s legacy?

This is the reason Rittenhouse was set free, not because he did not do something wrong, but because WE did not exemplify the ideas of the book Walden.

Violence is not the way, it creates division and creates chasms of distance between black and white.

Protest in a peaceful way IS democracy. But violence is not the way of Democracy. We are called DEMOCRATS for a reason, and that is to change our behavior to respect democracy.

Only if we respect the IDEA of democracy can we call ourselves that SACRED name. We have a responsibility ourselves, to BE Democratic.

Follow the ideas of rev. King Mahatma Ghandi and Henry David Thoreau.

G-d bless the will to stay on the blessed path of non violence.

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