Dear Barack Obama. A heartful congratulations from Europe and specifically Denmark with your new presidency. You risked it all, and won with a clear victory. It is worth the sagas and the stories we are to tell our grandchildren. Me myself, I was absolutely exhausted after the fight. I hope you felt a bit better.

Anyway, I hope you feel that your friends were there for you in the times of danger, and we all wish you all the best in the next tenure.

I do not prescribe any medications to the United States of America unless it is founded in the deepest and most serious philosophy. I do not do it win you over, or have political capital in the bank. Yes, it helps sometimes, but really my aim has been to give you another fighting chance, now you have it, use it wisely.

First of all, be careful not to fray any relations with the conservative base. One thing is the political in fights you have with conservative politicians, another thing is the grassroots of the Texans. These two things are completely different. The one is a fluctuating and compromising adversary, the other is just plain normal people who are fighting, as everybody else, when it comes to a living and pride in their own lives. They lost this time, and they lost big. They put all the best into the fight, and still we won. That is a great unmotivating thing. They need the benefit of the loving and accepting part in ourselves. Reach out for them. Not in Washington, not in the aisles of power, but where they are themselves. Travel to their most sacred part, and talk to them with humility.

This is not about winning, this is about creating another fighting chance for America.

You know, I have the same strange relationship to my culture as you have in a way. I am not all white, and my father came from a really exotic part of the world compared to Denmark.

This gives me this strange ambivalent relationship to many around me, and they as well have a hard time relating to me. But is also gives us all a chance to really try out new things.

Inside myself it is like two fighters fighting each other sometimes. Sometimes a feel rejected, other times I feel accepted. So it is a daily struggle.

But it basically gives me the ability to be a bridge builder. You have exactly the same thing, as I see it. You really dig the military, the pomp, the nation, and all these traditional conservative values and institutions. At the same time, you dig the most conservative part of the black community, that is the civil rights movement.

This is your basic strength, you can reach out, and truly make a bridge to the other side, to truly unite your own country, across the gap of distrust and misunderstandings. But to do this, you have to embrace both sides in yourself. Because when you go to a memorial in the military, it is the other side you use. When you fight for the little worker, it is the other side you use.

Use this, to really reach out to the other side of the nation as well.

Go out to the prairie, ask them what they want. Tell them about your own true love for your shared country, and let them know that you believe in G-d as well, and you also wish to fight for America.

The point is, you need to shake off the political system, and be yourself again. Be the true community builder, the man who wanted to fight for a better world, and a man who are complex, but uses this complexity to heal the wounds of his own community. Not just the black, but also the white.

G-d bless America.

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