We often try to understand what it is to be a serious jew. We also bear the burden of a long story of victories in the sphere of humanity; Abraham, Moses, David; all the heroes and prophets that today are icons to the human race.

Now, the good thing about this, is the fact that, we are extremely respected by a huge part of humanity. There are even people who talk about philosemitism. That is a kind of deification of jews. The bad thing about the position is that many people, especially people who do not wish to life up to their own ideals, tend to try to fight us down. That is commonly what we call antisemitism.

Now to be realistic, we cannot, as jews, all be the next Messiah. It is simply not possible, most of us must stay a simple person, go to work, earn our living and contribute the best we can to society and the wellbeing of man. Off cause all of us can partake in the state of Israel, and send good blessing, try to support the best we can, and all that. But we are not, any of us, the next Messiah, yes of cause one of will be ultimately, but untill that day, we just have to strive for perfection the best we can.

Now, I often wonder why I do not use all my talents and the resources I have, just for my own sake. I mean, if i chose, I could steal, manipulate and create a nice easy living for myself. I never have had the motive for that, and I think I know why. It is because in my family there are several heroes of their time. My father who was a hero of the liberation war in his country, and my great, great grandfather who used and sacrificed his life to help the life and spirit of the Danish society. He was the Messiah of his time.

So, there are many ideals and great undertakings that I feel I have to live up to. This is why I do not endeavour into the dark site, because so many of my family have been heroes of the light side.

In short you could say, that they raised the bar to an elevated position, and I have used much of my life to try to reach and get over that bar.

Now, this destiny I do share with most jews. There are so many heroes of the ancient times, as well as now. Just take Aaron Schwartz who selflessly sacrificed himself for the wellbeing of humanity. Yes, there are the legal issues, but who would doubt that he himself did all he did, to help people with his skills?

The list is endless, and that is the true mission of both our society as jews, and the method with which we can safe and help world. We can make room for those heroes of our time, those Davids we see in the young people. Create a frame of reference, a ladder they can climb on. Maybe our daughter or our son is the next missionary of peace, maybe she or he will try to safe the world. We as a community should help them, and make that mission possible.

In this way can we all help to make the common world of all humanity a better place for all. Because in this way we are the fertilizers and the greenhouse for heroes.

G-d bless the jewish community.

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