We often wonder what we should do about love. What are the reasons why? What are the definitions? And how do we really understand the basic ideology of love?

First of all, I believe, that to understand love, we need to understand how the world is constructed. As mentioned before, G-d is the natural force, that is unseen and lies between all matter. It is in between everything, and around everything. As we are born, according to the theory of Anaxagoras, what happen, is an infusion of G-d into our world. We are all just flickers of G-d, yet we are not in understanding of this.

The thing is, when we are in our bodies, here on earth, we are isolated, and the connection we felt before with everything around us, is gone. On a deep level of understanding, we still miss that feeling of connectedness we used to feel from before we were born. That is loneliness.

Now, we try to leave the loneliness and reach out for other parts of life. This we can do in the embrace of nature, or in the eyes of our loved ones.

Now Anaxagoras had no idea about the structure of spirit. He basically philosophized himself into the understanding that it had to be there – logically. Mind you, this is the same philosopher, who realized that the sun is not a G-d but a stone, so he was able to think ahead.

But, logically, there must be a structure to spirit. I mean, when we are living, there is very much a structure to life. Each living being is a part of a greater and complicated pattern.

When we die, we are absorbed into the spiritual realm again. But I sincerely believe, that we do not lose all traits of our former self again. And why should we? The basic structure of intelligence is, as one of its defining characters; memory. Why should the little piece of live that we are, lose its memory when it is absorbed again into the vast unending structure of intelligence. It does not, probably.

Now, this is the reason why we are, as communicators with spirit, able to commune with the ancestors of our line. We can actually still speak with our loved ones who are here no more, because central parts of the life that were theirs, is still in existence. This also explain why some people can remember the memory of former lives.

This is all within the understanding of metaphysics and natural science. Even Newton and Einstein would agree with that. It is not farfetched.

Somehow it seems to me, that the love one has to the closest relatives are the strongest. Some of the most strong is the love of your children. This maybe because we are basically just close to each other, or maybe because there is a certain structure between close relatives, that is set in heaven as well.

I do not know for certain, but there are arguments to show for the proximity of loved ones on both earth, as well as in heaven.

G-d bless the kindness of a son to his parents and parents to a son.

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