Welcome Mr. Kerry

We are to welcome another face on the international scene. It is one with a tremendous experience as when it comes to foreign policy, and a shrewd person on top of this. The new Secretary of state Mr. John Kerry.

Being a veteran diplomat and servant of his country, he will hopefully bring a host of intelligence and progress to the international peace process. This is the hope of the president Mr. Barack Obama, and off cause the hope of all responsible citizens of the world.

It is a tremendously difficult job to do; the negotiations are extremely hard, the stakes are extremely high, and the work consist of a huge load of traveling hours and extra work in the evening and even nights.

Now, we say goodbye to Mrs. Clinton, thank you. It was very difficult, we made some mistakes, but we have had a lot of victories as well. The defining moment off cause was the Arab Spring, that really did change the way the world is ticking. It now spills of into Mali, and our Arab friends are not really that trustworthy, but nevertheless, the increased dialogue with Russia, the possibility to make a peace treaty with Iran, and the relative peace Israel has had in the last few years, are some of the results of our labour. I hope you are in a place where you are happy now, and the future will bring you a lot of interesting work and you an option to work for a more peaceful world. G-ds speed 🙂

Now, Mr. Kerry. Please do not take this as a negative or demanding explanation. We all respect you very much, you have a long history of service to your country, and the experience you bring to the international theatre is extremely appreciated. So these are just an analysis for your convenience, not demands or anything like it.

So there are basically three tremendous tasks at hand. First of all, there is the challenge of the Syrian-Iranian axis. They have had some progress lately, because the Sunni alliance have redrawn their support from the Syrian conflict. There are a lot of armour buildup in Syria, that is directed from Moscow. Further, the negotiations with Iran on the atomic threat is not getting anywhere for now, this is a difficult task, because if it is not delivered in an acceptable way as a solution that all can agree upon, The US will have a lot of trouble with Israel. Israel is honestly concerned, and with every reason to be concerned. Russia have the back of Iran, so the solution should involve them from the beginning. There is an opening, but it is almost closed again due to the election coming in Iran. This issue should be addressed very fast, or it may end up in a fault.

Secondly there is the Arab/Sunni alliance. This is, at best, a very shaky alliance. They always try to fool us this or that way, always believing that we are easy to fool. The absolute take over of the Egyptian state, was not really the deal we made with them. They promised us a democracy, and they have done all they could to make a sharia state. They are not really trustworthy. You know them. So they have to be held at a very short leash. On top of this, they are notorious infiltrators. The Petraeus scandal were perhaps an infiltration of an Arab player, and the Muslim Brotherhood are experts in the art of infiltration, they learned it through Iran, that again learned it from the best KGB operatives. So if a charming young lady or a sympathetic Arab all of sudden shows up, be very suspicious. Check all your contacts with CIA, never take any chance. It is a lonely job, but a serious job.

Then there is China. They are a geostrategic foe on another scale than the muslim extremists. They are not to be taken lightly, and Mr. Obama promised the American people, that he would tackle the challenge. We have worked on the insourcing strategy, that will work. But we need to tackle the chinese in a professional and honest way. The encroachment is a good idea, there are other ideas to be tested. But that kettle of fish is a boiling and dangerous one, it has to be worked around in a diplomatic and straightforward way.

Now, there are other dangers looming ahead; a possible spillover of islamic terror into Europe, an increased hostility of South America and the breakup of the EU. Hopefully, we will land theses issues in a serious and competent way, but there is no doubt, that they are bombs waiting to fire off any moment, and the conflicts we have already are hard enough. Luckily, the mood of Europe have changed a lot these few years, and you will find many allies and friends over here, already this is seen in Mali, where France have acted forcefully and responsibly.

We all salute you, and we hope you will be a hero of your time, you certainly have the promise of a grand player in the theatre of war and peace in the advent of the enlightenment of the human race.

G-d bless the United states of America.

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