viking_ship_at_sea_amazing_ships_wallpapers_1024_x_768-1024x768The depth of Russia is like a clear lake with no bottom. You try to see what is beneath the gentle waves, but you look and you look and you look. Yet, there are several trends and depths that you can see, but not has been seen for millenia. When proud warriors in their longships embarked to reach the land with the many colours. We called it Miklagard, we somehow settled in between.

We were the veterans and the must trusted liege of the Byzantine emperors, somehow the Rus still are. We fought for them, and they gave us colourful robes, gold and wealth in return. Why not? Were we not the most hardened warriors in the world? Yes we were. Now the birthland of the Rus was run over, still this is a bit of a wound to most Danes and Scandinavians in general. Yes, there are many who have forgotten, but most still remember the proud kinsmen prowling the rivers to reach Miklagard.

The ties were severed, and the Rus were off on their own hand. England and Denmark has always retained many ties, so is it with Iceland, Holland, Scotland, Greenland, and further on in America and beyond.

Now the first philosopher of Denmark, and my spiritual predecessor through my jewish family Grundtvig had a dream. He dreamt that all the descendants of the Danes were to be united under one spiritual star. Not necessarily a state, but a cultural bond that would give us all a basis we could work from. This is the reason I have tried to support all you guys who came from us; to pursue the dream of Grundtvig. It is a huge task, and I know that I am not perfect at it at all times, but hey, I do not get a penny for it, and I do it as a repentance of what we should have done long ago, and are now trying; to get in contact again.

Now, the Rus are a proud people, and rightfully so. Yes I know, there are many faults of the Rus; corruption here and there, and a few who perhaps take too much to the bottle. But anyway, was it not the Russians who stopped Hitler, did they not help stop some of the worst Islamists after the take over of the Byzantine empire? Yes they did, and the fall of the Russian Empire is still a wound for many. You can say a lot of things about communism, but the fact that Lenin single-handedly fought and won for Russia is still a major feat.

Now, there are new winds in Russia, and a lot of fighting in between the socialists and the church. The latest is the conflict between the punk group called Femern and the church. These fights are strictly internal, and they are basically a fight between the secular/socialist and the men of G-d. The Byzantine church are gaining in power, and has gained through the last ten years. It gives the Russians a sense of national coherence, and the right planning and execution of the process will lead to a more prosperous Russia.

But there are many caveats; the first is off cause the fight between the liberals and the church. In this specific instance you have to be extremely careful. If you overplay your hand, you will end up stopping the renewal and the renaissance of Russia. The christian faith is not about the limits of other people, it is about the love of mankind and the love of spirit. Jesus Christ was a loving, sincere, honest and humble person, who took in harlots and the outcasts of society, not the one who wanted to put up rules and regulations. He was put on the cross because he decided to heal on sunday rather than wait another day.

Now, my point is; there are a tremendous power in the scriptures that does not need to be regulated to flow into the society. The ideas are so strong and right. Put on top of this the ideas of Abraham, David, Moses and many more, and you have an arsenal of weapons you might wield at the joice of spirit.

My point is; the quest of Jesus was to put a smile on the faces of the disciples, not regulate or curb their ideas.

This is the power of Jesus Christ.

As a jew, I do respect that.

Now, what is very important, I think, is to find a positive and joyful version of the faith. Because that will bring you all in a state of light and heartful recognition.

It is about love. Love because the nation of Rus, will not function if it is not loved, and the citizen and people of the proud Russian state do love each other. This is the basic purpose of all the monotheistic religions, and that is extremely vital to remember. Let your church function as ladders of light, that people may step on, to reach spirit; in prayer, in action and in the daily grinding work of all men.

G-d bless Russia.

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  1. bilbo
    January 29th, 2013 at 09:57 | #1

    “It is about love. Love because the nation of Rus,………………………………This is the basic purpose of all the monotheistic religions, and that is extremely vital to remember.”
    in no way can islam be counted in that group!
    islam, fouded on the qur’an, is a violent and intollerant system.
    so was/is the religion(s) that follow the old testament.
    however, they are slowly modernising.
    islam, on the other hand is fighting to go back to the 7th century with all its medieval evils.

  2. Rene’ Descartes
    February 5th, 2013 at 08:57 | #2

    Blibo, You must be kidding. Your lag of knowledge is impressive to say the least. What is odd is the teaching of the Talmud which is even older and stranger than any of the two other books you mentioned. The Talmud never had a renaissance or has been modernised or even attempted to delete the sick and appalling sayings of some of the old delusional rabbis. The Christians believe in God. Few Hebrew descendants believe in God and the Muslims believe in God, all in the same God and the same Love. This is the three monotheistic religions for your information. The CONVERTED Khazarian Jews (was called Yiddish, now called Zionist) originally coming from Kazakhstan, believe in the words of their dead rabbis and not in the ethics and Love of the living God, the creator. For your information, The Russian revolution was a bloodbath by Bolsheviks (now called Zionist) of all Christians and any other poor person who happened to believe in God including many of the so called Jewish people who accepted the Old Testament. To enlighten you about how the Zionist destroyed Russia or what really happened in Russia, Read Alexandra Solzhenitsyn’s latest book “Two Hundred Years Together”. Your pathetic antagonism toward religious Muslims exposes you as a Palestinian occupier and/or a Zionist indoctrinated stooge. You express nothing about the Love of God so stop pretending and stop being a fool. There is a big difference between what really happened in history, and the Zionist propaganda between your ears. Yes Zionist are “their” rabbinical Gods chosen ones. We just have a different God, we have the Loving one that don’t like for us to deceive anybody. The Loving One. I hope this will enlighten you.

  3. bilbo
    February 6th, 2013 at 00:21 | #3

    love of god is worthless without love of man(kind).
    as i pointed out, with the exception of islam, other monotheistic belief systems are modernising, if ever so slowly.
    few people follow the vile teachings of the old religions to the letter with the exception of islam.
    the catholic church is stuck in mediaevalism with its refusal to acknowledge the piousness of women.
    this is not the same as imposing FGM or even the burqa.
    where are the beheadings and hangings of gays in israel?
    do they stone adulteresses to death there?
    your judgement of me is flawed to say the least; i, at best could be described as a pantheistic pagan.
    but, every time i encounter the works of islam, Catholicism or protestantism as practiced in so called civilised societies, i veer towards atheism.
    i pretend nothing.
    islam is a vile irrational cancer whose adherents are trying to drag humanity back to the 7th century whilst killing each other in the process.
    there can be no peace with islam.

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