frontier_bannerRebuilding America is a daunting task, to try to serve you guys. I have tried to figure out a way to start the process. Honestly, it is a very difficult process.

Basically what you guys need is more than just a superficial process, it should be a lasting process that involves most Americans. Usually a renaissance is about refinding the values and the organizations methods of the ancients. This is a way America could do it. The basic system of America with its democratic organization, the enlightenment ideas, the dreams of new frontiers are good and lasting principles. But how to make people believe them again?

There are some ideas to start with. First of all, it is about education. We need an education reform, that put focus on the basic ideas of the nation again. This could be a first step in nation building, who are better to work with than the young generation?

Give them a top-notch education, but not only do focus on the curriculum, also do focus on all the traditions of the state, all the songs, all the poetry that inspires, all the stories of the ancients that did good deeds and heroic work on the frontier.

Then there is another reflection you might use. America has seen unbroken progress through the entire existence of America. This is the normal state of things. It is all about new frontiers and new things to do and expand.

Well here in Europe we look at things differently, because we have had so much internal strife. We are just extremely happy with peace. We have had many years of peace in Europe now, and we really do appreciate that. Now we the advent of internal struggle with the terrorists, we all somehow change mindset to confront that new threat as the new war coming up. My point is, we are used to things going up and down.

Take Detroit where everything just collapses. This is really scary to most Americans, because you are not used to it. We are very much used to it, so we do not worry too much about it, we just take it as another challenge we have to overcome.

Do not worry too much about the setbacks you have, use it as an incentive to move on, and find new ways of managing things and grow again.

What is really important, seen from a European perspective, is to keep the wisdom flowing. When Europe went into the dark ages, we really lost a lot of knowledge, that was extremely hard to reemerge from, somehow we are still not really healed from that wound.

Anyway, America is a new nation. But it should remain a vigorous and well working nation for thousands and thousands of years. That is the horizon of an established nation, and America, with all its wealth of ideas and progress have the ability and the possibility to do that.

My point is; be realistic. Are you really going to go away tomorrow? No you are not, you are in it for the next seven thousand years, as we have been here in Europe. The basis have been build, you just have to get used to the idea, that there are both upturns and downturns.

Then, one of your real advantages is the fact that your system is extremely transparent. You are very uncorrupt, your politicians serve the state instead of themselves. They are, and should be a great example to the world. Compared to the politicians in Europe, you are way ahead, believe me. This strength is however not something you should take for granted, be careful to preserve and even make it better, it is the hallmark of a strong nation, that the leaders serve it. You might institutionalize it by making small schools or do a little research in the culture of politics and aim at an even less corrupt government. Focus on the values of service, transparence and loyalty to the creed of the nation.

These are just ideas, it is a long process, but you are stronger than you think, and the virtues you used to have are still there, you just have to reappreciate them again.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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