voltaireWhen we talk about a renaissance, there are many examples in the past. There is the French renaissance, there is the Italian renaissance and I might add the 12´th century church renaissance.

The core of a renaissance is the philosopher. But usually not a traditional academic theorists as we have today, but a free, usually rebellious thinker, that harks back in time, and yet sees and gives ideas for the future.

One good example of that is the philosopher Voltaire, who had to flee France in his days. We also have the intellectuals behind the Russian revolution and so on and so forth.

Now, being myself a philosopher, I realize that the role you have as a renewer of the culture has all to do about culture, and very little to do about the academic institutions. My friends are artists and intellectuals outside the established institutions. In fact the established institutions have done all they could to fight me down, it has gone to some extreme extents over the years. If we look a little on Holland, well there Pim Fortuyn was a politician/philosopher, and he got killed along with his good friend Theo van Gogh.

So basically the progress of a revolution is not progress that is in the chambers of society, but outside.

America has a strange and yet fruitful relationship with Europe. I have noticed, that you take the good things of what we have, and leave the bad things. It seems to me, that the Americans are pretty well loving strange figures as me and Anders Gravers. Why? Because America was in its inception, born out of the French revolution and the hippie philosophers of that time. In Europe, the clock has turned back to the time of the French revolution, and we again have strange and revolutionary thinkers roaming the underground of Europe.

We are very much the same as the old philosophers of the French and Italian revolution. So it makes sense.

Now, I do however have a hard time putting in place serious ideas for America to go forth. Basically I represent the spirit of Denmark and Europe somehow, the best we have to give to the world.

All I can do, I suppose, is set a good example. Use that example to strengthen your own faith. I agree with all the founding fathers, they had an amazing project, and you are the caretakers and heirs to that amazing project. Just go ahead, believe in yourselves, you have all the reason to do so.

If you need me to help you even more, contact me. Most others who fight Islamism are in my direct contact, so you are welcome. Perhaps I could inspire some of your artists and the like. I would be happy to do so.

G-d bless you all.

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