The defense leagues

The life of the Defense Leagues and the friends we have en France has been a life of trouble. Especially in England have the system done all it could to halt the progress of our mission. Now, here in Denmark it is a bit of the same, I have the honour of the Stasi tracking my every waking second for the last four to five years. They try to hinder this and that. But basically they are themselves very hard pressed, because the mission they are engaging is beyond the frame of the justice system. Persecution of philosophers are not exactly something the founding fathers of our system really thought would be an issue, in fact they did all they could to put up barriers against the police, to prevent this situation to happen, lucky us or me.

Now, I have stayed away from European politics for a while. I have been too busy with the Middle East, the East and the West, and honestly I had to lay a little low, because the police were hot in my heels, but things are lightening up a little now, so I have embarked on a project I hope will give you guys some progress, from the skills of my hands.

When I first started working in politics, with Anders Gravers in SIAD, I wrote a book. This book is basically what really changed the entire game for the West in opposition to Islam. Cut to the core, what I did, was writing a political manifesto where I opposed Islam and democracy. All the discussion on Islamist, where the cuts are between political Islam and religious Islam and so on comes from this book.

I gave it to Anders, and he used it, and spread the words in the political parties.

Now, it is in Danish, and it has never been published, so I thought, the best I could do was to translate it, and then make it available to the political environment. It’s a gift to you guys.

I have reached around a third way in the translation, and I do not know when I will finish, but I am using as much energy on it as possible.

I hope, that the truth of the book, and the ideas will give you all the courage and the will to keep on fighting.

As I see it, the progress we are seeing in the surrounding countries; United States of America and Russia will, in the end, pressure the European governments to repent and stop destroying the European countries through the EU. It will just be too much in a few years. When the fight against the Islamists reach the shores of Europe, the push against the EU will be even stronger.

In history cosmopolitan times are superseded by national times. The tide will hopefully soon break, and we will be in the right position in the right time.

On top of this, I think it is extremely important to be realistic. As Lars Vilks say, the Swedish painter who made the Rondell hund (the roundabout dog), time. Time will change things, we just have to be patient.

And probably Mr. Robinson, aka Tommy will be the Nelson Mandela of our time. Just hang in there.

G-d bless the fight we are loosing, but can win if we are strong enough.

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