It seems to me, that the situation in Egypt is really reaching its climax, as I can read the news from Egypt, the islamic take over of government did not really work out as the Islamic Brotherhood expected. They have now a control not only on their own paramilitary forces of Salafi died hards, but also a part of the national security system. The army seems to have abstained from interfering in the conflict due to the direct orders of the American administration not to intervene.

Meanwhile the citizens of Egypt, especially the pro democratic forces as well as the christians are feeling the heavy hand of the Islamist; repeated breakdown on demonstrations, burnings of churches, abduction of girls. Well you know the drill. Not as violent as disgusting as in Mali, but where is the difference really? It is basically in the pressure we put on them from the West not to do too much human rights violation. Anyway it is disgusting.

Now, with an imminent breakthrough with the Shiite Iran, I really hope we can get to the next issues at hand. The Sunni/Wahhabi extremist, Al Qaeda, and their friends in the Moslem Brotherhood.

My take on it would be to stop the Moslem Brotherhood for now. They are not he right people to make the Egyptian constitution. Let the military take over for a few years, and the make a serious democratic constitution that we in the West control and make in cooperation with the Egyptian electorates. It is not that the Moslem brotherhood cannot be in the work process, but we decide the ups and downs of the constitution. Off cause the constitution should not be made to suit us, but to suit the Egyptians.

The Egyptians are not, traditionally as democratic as we have been. Egypt was where kingdomship actually was invented; the pharaoh and the system of government where a dynasty rules is basically invented in Egypt.

This must be a strongly felt relationship in Egypt still, as Zoroastrianism is in Iran.

Therefor my vision of an Egyptian type democracy would be one where the president holds a very decisive amount of power. More than here in Europe. Off cause the president should hold sway over the military, but also have a great say in the jurisdiction of the country.

It should however only run for maximum of eight years, and the house of representatives and the house of lords, should work as a counter weight to the presidency.

There should not be any sharia based elements in the constitution. Religion and politics should not be mixed. I know that the Moslem Brotherhood would oppose this move, but they will most probably have the presidency anyway, so what would really be their problem.

I do not get it; why would they want a sharia state, when what we give them is their own traditions just in a much more proven and effective way than the sharia state? Beats me.

But I really believe we should do something about Egypt soon, we cannot just sit by, while Morsi slaughters a lot of innocents. It is not right.

G-d bless Egypt.

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  1. bilbo
    February 7th, 2013 at 11:51 | #1

    the people of Egypt do not want to swap one tyrany for another.
    i can see no end to the conflict.

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