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the_beauty_of_life_by_ifrostyice-d2zb4fpNow, talking about metaphysics, we should try to expand the definition we already have. Remember, the essence of spirit is, according to Anaxagoras; intelligence everywhere.

The interesting point, that has spooked me, and I have tried to dig into, is the relationship between the real world as we know it, and spirit. I mean, there is a way that spirit interacts with matter. So, how is that? Reading Arthur Canon Doyle (the author of Sherlock Holmes) and his interest for spiritual communication, led me to the hypothesis, that there is a direct connection possible with spirit through prayer and what we define as a media.

In other words, it is possible to discuss with your ancestors and other people who are deceased. But, these ideas are basically absolutely unscientific, and are only based on the experience of individual persons, who were often persecuted and vilified, gnostics of a modern industrialized world.

Anyway, with a deep respect for the followers of mediation, I have turned around a little, and returned to philosophy, to try to dig up some answers there.

I stumbled upon a very wise book by the greek philosopher Theophrastus, who wrote a very distinct and extremely interesting book called Metaphysics. Theophrastus was the pupil of Aristotle, so he is the product of Anaxagoras, Plato, Aristotle. He is not at the same level as Aristotle, Plato and Anaxagoras, but he is a eminent commenter on his predecessors, and he reflects on the ideas that are prevalent in his time. A time of great discussion and progress.

Anyway, he has a lot of real deep insight. First of all, he has this idea, that nature will always strive for good. He admits, that most in nature is evil, but there is always a net percentage of nature that strives for good.

This point is interesting in the sense, that we can see, that there is a huge amount of evil and some goodness in nature. Point is, there is goodness in nature. Often we see nature as something that has to be disciplined and structured to evict the evil in it, and give civilization the opportunity to strife for goodness.

But, the point is valid, and it is really true I believe. There is good in nature.

Now this has to be reflected in political science, because if there is such a thing as goodness in nature, the aim of politics must be to make a frame for the goodness of people to blossom.

I believe, that under the right circumstances, the goodness of people will be enhanced, under the wrong circumstances, the evil of people will be enhanced.

So, the science of politics must be to understand how the toolbox of politics really works and plan a system, that will give the population and the country the best frame to make people grow.

It will be different in different circumstances, but the skill of the philosopher who determines the constitution, will define the happiness of the people who will live in the country.

I think the beauty of the realization in these days where we are hard-pressed by all kinds of demoralization is the fact, that it is possible to create a beautiful and wonderful nation one can live in as a happy and good person.

G-d bless the beauty of life.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    February 9th, 2013 at 09:40 | #1

    Hallo Asger. Many peoples reality differ from your views, and this is the reason. Most can only grasp the next step, but not a different concept or level easily. You don’t go to heaven; you grow to heaven, slowly. On an intellectual level, you cannot talk quantum mechanics to a shoemaker, the grasp of words differ. This problem is common for intellectuals, Philosophers and thinkers, and use to be for me as well. Not only must the information you produce be instructive and enlightening, it must also be a PRACTICAL thing in the experience of the readers and in the experience of your fellow man. Not only must it be informative in nature, but it must also be that which is constructive and easily understood as well as lifting each entity to the next level.
    Let me tell you the bottom line of truth. Truth is fluid. Anything unselfish you can understand which help you to the next step is a truth, any stepping stone that lift your consciousness from where it is, in the direction where it is supposed to be, even a small step, is a truth. Anything helpful and uplifting is a truth. Any stumbling block, lies or words which are not understood (even if they are truth to other people) are not truths or helpful to you. The truths also differ between a conscious person and an intelligent person. So, truth is fluid.
    Truth is best interpreted from the story of Jacobs’s ladder where you can only handle the truth to the next step, not ten steps up. Likewise, everybody is on different steps and the more conscious you are the higher on the ladder you are, but each step is a different truth that help you to the next level up. Likewise, you can only reach down one step to help the person there; you cannot reach down three steps unless you are a Master. Similarly, you can only get a helping hand from the person immediately above you, not from the higher up, unless the higher-up is a Master, because you simply would not have a chance to comprehend it. Likewise you can only uplift the person directly below you, not people further down.
    Lies, half-truths and deceptions kicks people down the ladder, and is not the will of God. Trust me. The problem with half-truths is people mostly get the wrong half. Just look at your friend Bilbo
    Anaxagoras were great at that time in history when people was at that intellectual level, on that low step, and needed what he said to get to the next level in the big scheme of things. Hence your admiration is valid. However common people and philosophers as well, have evolved a lot since then and are higher up the ladder. You cannot get ahead by looking in the rear view mirror, for other reasons than learning from their mistakes, and to get a few pearls of wisdom.
    Metaphysics is defined by what cannot be measured and weighted, physics can. You have the physical world, measurable, tangible world, and you have the metaphysical world, the world of thoughts, dreams and imagination. (Which by the way is the real world. Keep in mind that it is totally un-natural to be incarnated in flesh). The physical world is just a few frequencies layers called dimensions, IE. Visible light, sound, matter touch , smell, etc. The metaphysical world of thoughts, dreams and imagination is a multitudes of other dimension with different frequencies, that’s all. Everything is frequency IE. Vibrations.
    Spirit is the life force which only few can explain. In short, most don’t know what leaves the body when it dies, or what it is that enter in the baby when it is born. Do you?
    The Spirit is Life force, the love force, the awareness of truth, and what we worship as God. It operates in all dimensions and on all frequencies. There is nothing which is not Spirit. The Physical world is a thought where the vibrational frequency has been altered into the physical realm.
    What you call spirit communication is a misnomer. Yes you can communicate with your deceased grandfather or many other entities from other dimensions, but that is Soul communication, clearly proving that the life force (Spirit) is ever present, there as well as here. If you speak with your deceased forefathers don’t think that they are any wiser than they were when they were incarnate, they are not, but they are still alive but in another dimension. Please keep in mind that it is only Souls on the lowest levels of the other dimension, the astral dimension or plane you can communicate with, most Souls move on after a short time there to the level where they belong depending on their consciousness frequency level (Not intellectual level).
    In addition negative Souls on the astral side can influence Souls on this side through attitudes, ideas, hunches etc. and if they are negative, is called demon possession. Dope addicts, drunks, psychopaths, careless and harmful people are many times possessed by so-called demons and has the attitudes of mischievous entities of like mind. (Like begets like).
    The only evil there is in the Universe is the sense of separateness from the one, and the selfishness of the individual Soul, in this world and the other which of cause is a stupid thing. So all evil is stupid. However that was a necessary experience mankind had to go through to learn its fruitlessness of separateness and selfishness and become disgusted by it, to reach the next step on the latter. This is the beauty of the time we live in. In Genesis God created the natural world and “saw that it was good” and trust me, He is smack-on.
    The opposite of dead is birth, not life. Life (Spirit) like God has no opposite. Life is what Spirit is, eternal.
    The aim of politics is power over other people, they just love power. They think that they know what is better for other people. It is people who love to dictate to others. It is an expression of a sick superiority complex (in Danish “storhedsvanvid”) and to get a finger in the pie and get rich. It is that simple. They are all psychopaths. Just look around. Look at the world, it’s a total political failure. How long will you support the failures of those idiots? They should just let people be to function freely.
    In this world, the physical one, mankind have many secrets and misinformation. In the other dimension, you cannot have any deceptions and lies because discarnate Souls do not speak together, they think together, so all thoughts, deceptions and ulterior motives are revealed to all in the next dimension, even the thoughts of the people in the physical world. Conscious thoughts are inter-dimensional. Calculating, selfish and separate intellects are not.
    I am Rene’ Cogito ergo sum

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    February 9th, 2013 at 18:32 | #2

    Hi Rene 🙂 Nice to hear your wise thoughts. Especially the ladder of truth is a very good insight, that is spot on. You know Epicurus made a system where all his ideas were repeated just in a simpler form. Down to mottoes. So you could read him on any level you would want, that is serious business.

    But, listen. I agree with most of your points, but there is one point I would like you to consider. What Theophrastus is talking about is the mechanisms of nature. This is really the great insight he offers. You know, however you turn it, nature has a mechanical way of working. The neo darwinist talk about sexual selection and selection in habitat, but what Theophrastus is offering here is an alternative view. Mind you, Darwinism ended in nazism, so we are talking about some pretty basic building blocks. Add to this, the fact that theophrastus is a direct descendant to Aristotle, the philosopher who ultimately created the basis for Darwinism, and you have intriguing case I think. Love 🙂 Asger Btw, it is really a great thing for me to get back to Rubicon and hear so many beautiful thoughts and good friends chipping in, this is the aim right? 🙂

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