The Freestate

dav_socThe price for the criticism of Islam is always high. Lately an unidentified gunman blew a shot on Lars Hedegaard. Yes, we have had our controversies, or perhaps you could call it rivalry, but hey, he did defend himself boldly, and I do respect that.

Talking about the criticism of Islam, the Freestate, the book that lie as a foundation under SIAD and other closely inspired groups to that is almost translated halfway. I must say, after returning to the book, after all it has been three fours years back I wrote it, I am thrilled to publish it. On one hand it is a beautiful promise of a democratic society based on both our traditions as ancient viking democrats, and then also based on the most advanced greek philosophy. It is Holger Danske meets Socrates. Add to this a blistering critique of Islam, and you have a serious underpinning of all the pro democratic anti islamic youth organizations. It’s for you guys, I have bled for it, now you can take it and put it to good use.

I will publish it in the summer, it takes a while to rewrite it and it has to go through grammatical correction. I am not a native English speaker, so I suppose it will have to do with my meagre skill in English.

But basically, it will give you a huge boost, I hope. It will give the political wing methods to use, and the guys something to believe in.

God bless the spirit of freedom.

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