Sons of light

There is a farewell I have to make, of a dear friend. I realize, that we have not been on speaking foot for some time now. I have often wondered as to why. I believe it is a move away from the discussion of Islam. But who knows, I hope it is not, because in the fight against Islam lies the salvation of the faith. Not to understand it in the sense, that it is a holy fight to eradicate all Islam, not at all. But it is a fight to restore the Christian faith, and that only will happen if we realize the very basic principles of the day of today.

Now, I have strayed a lot, and been in trouble, it is the effect of misery and desolation, of loss and loneliness. I believe I have done many things wrong, and that I could have done many things in a much better way. But I do also believe, that my heart has always been set on the deeds of goodness. I have always tried to follow the path of light despite all the troubles that the harbingers of darkness have thrown in my path.

I remember, before i realized the jewish nature of my own creed, I went on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Over mountains, into valleys, taking one step at a time, and finding my own path in the end. They say at the Camino, that the path to Santiago starts after you reach the final church. The path I have chosen has been one to oppose Islam. I admit it, and I belive it was the calling of spirit, because that was the conclusion of my Camino.

Now, we all have our own Caminos, and I just wish to hail the spiritual work done by the late Mr. Aloisius Ratzinger, Benedict XVI, I know, that when you took up the mantel of your predecessor, you wished to do good. I know, the projects you had, was to amend and forgive. I know, because in the beginning we stood side by side, changing the world into something better. The most important, I think, was the outstretched hand to the jews. We stretched out our hands to make peace. This gesture never really reached the jews in its importance and symbolic meaning. Listen. Mr. Ratzinger was a Hitler Jugend and an antisemite as young. After the war, he changed course, and he put the final crown on his work as an act of repentance to the jews. He gave us the support of the most important Christian church on earth. On top of this, he has worked together with Ms. Angela Merkel, a devout Protestant, and in conjunction they have asked for forgiveness.

Now, I know that jews never forgive the attempts on assassination. Just Remember Haman and Esther. But, we should accept the outstretched hand of someone who really do try to make amends. I do at least, my own great grandmother had to flee to Sweden as a very old lady, many of my family fought the Germans when they were occupying Denmark, and did horrible things here.

But, there is a time for war and a time for forgiveness, and I hope that at least some of us will have the will and the ability to forgive.

Now, there are new movements in Europe. There is the European Union that is the project of Merkel. Please, what is there real aim of Germany? To repeat the mistakes of history and make yet another empire, or to reinvigorate the roots of our German ancestor. What are we, the harbingers of control or spirit?

The beating heart of Europe has always been the city of Rome, let it be it again. But let it be it in a way, that we realize the principles of the ancients, and fight like them.

It is said, that in advent of the Messiah, he will call upon the phalanx of the faithful. On one side will be the sons of light, on the other side, the sons of darkness. Let it be heard, that I call upon the sons of light. I do trumpet the horns, to the faithful, stand up in your rows, adorn your shields with the emblems of yore. Hold fast your spears of light, to fight for another day.

This is not only a physical fight, but also a fight for light. Let all hear the truth, let all be honest to the calling of the trumpets of light.

G-d bless the bishops of Rome.

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