oriana1The church of Rome is old, at least as old as the conclusion of the Roman Empire, but taking into consideration, that the Christian Faith is a construction that encompass the ideas of Isis and Mithra, you could say, that the church is as old as Egypt, Persia and Canaan itself.

The lore is deep, and it is a conjunction of many philosophical ideas and institutions, and it is, in a nice way thriving in many places around the world. However, there is a but, and that is the basic challenge, that in the very core of Rome; the Vatican state, Italy and most of Western Europe, the very idea that G-d is a living entity is scorned upon. This creates a very dangerous situation where all the Christian Churches both the church of Rome, but also the church of England, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and many churches of different kinds are in a existential threat as Kierkegaard would have put it. It is the core that is in danger.

Now according to Empedocles the ancient greek philosopher, nature develops in a contracting and expanding manner. Nature is an orb, on the fringes of the orb is strive, in the center is love. In a peaceful time the entire orb is filled with love, but in times of strife it is filled with conflict.

It is an expanding and contracting thing. However, according to Empedochles, the very moment the entire orb is filled with strife, the very core of love, will define the coming reign of love. This is now, or at least the last few years have been defining in this regard. What one needs to look for is the core of the Western world that still fights for love, because this core will be the defining factor for many years to come.

Now, one should be dishonest if he did not acknowledge the war that is coming. It is like that, the world cannot carry all the inhabitants it has created. We, man, is like plague on the environment of earth. It will end in conflict, no matter how we try to understand it. The lines of the conflict is basically what we are working on now. Who will be allied when the war will erupt?

The geostratical lines are almost in place, thanks to a diligent and enlightened leadership of Mr. Barack Obama, and lately in personated by Mr. John Kerry. The old war is over, new will soon fill the void.

In this atmosphere, the Vatican state will need a strong and courageous leader. Someone who have the knowledge of the antagonists we meet, and is willing to sacrifice his lasts years in the service of mankind. Someone who is honest, a true leader, and ready to fight for G-d. Not the vengeful and angry G-d, but the enlightened and loving G-d. There will be war, and the world will need a loving, caring and honest person to lead the desolate and beleaguered out of misery. Someone with the energy and stamina to give us all a fresh morning, and a glimpse of hope in the darkest hour.

Now, I know that the Vatican church have fallen more to the peaceful side when it comes to the enemy of Salafism. It is good to be a man of peace, but one should never be naïf.

Rome rose as an empire of the most disciplined and courageous, it is time to find a new Caesar in the ranks of the descendants. Someone with the courage and the stamina to keep going. Now, looking at Caesar, the most illustrious leaders of all time, he had one thing going for him. He was an amazing speaker. He could move the armies of Rome with his voice and his imagination.

The most decisive step he took, was when he chose to cross a small river. He said; aelia acta est, when he crossed the river Rubicon.

Find a new Caesar, a new courageous, illustrious, honest man, to lead the armies of the willing and the hearts of the Christians around the world.

G-d bless The Roman Republic and what it became.

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