akhenatenhatEgypt is an amazing country, unfortunately I have only had the opportunity to read about the country and its history, and have never been there. But to be honest, Egypt is one of my favourite countries of the world.

I have read the description of Herodotus, the most important scriptures of classical Egypt, delved into the ideas of the heretic pharaoh. The pharaoh that inspired the first jewish scholars to envision monotheism, as it is proposed. So on and so forth.

Today egypt is a shadow of its former glory. The main part of the muslim community dreams about tearing down the pyramids, and the Moslem Brotherhood are scheming and trying to implement a sharia state behind the curtains.

It is a mess. On top of this we have the Copts, one of the most religious and beautiful churches in the world, persecuted locally and in harm’s way most of the time.

In this complete mess, we as the West have a great say, because basically we are the money men behind most of the Egyptian economy. Yes, some may see it as blood money for the peace between Egypt and Israel, but really, if we, as the West just decided to redraw the funding, Egypt would be bankrupt in a very short time.

I understand, that the Egyptian population are sceptical towards the interference of foreigners in their affairs. Who would not be. It is humiliating to have someone to control ones life, so perhaps it is a wrong turn for United States of America to try to prod the Egyptians in the direction of strengthened economics.

On the other hand, there is one point that the Egyptians could perhaps take into consideration. Really it is quite simple, the reason why there is such a devastating process going on in Egypt right now, is twofold. First it is because there is a complete lack of order, secondly it is because the system is corrupt and intransperent.

This is the two priorities a new government should embark upon; create order, and reduce the state corruption.

It is the Egyptian way, it has always worked for Egypt, and it would work again.

G-d bless the nation of the rising and setting sun; Egypt.

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