Well, approaching the oncoming election of Egypt, we are indeed in a difficult situation. The Moslem Brotherhood, whom we ourselves put in the position, are aiming for a complete takeover of Egypt Iranian style. Yes, they will sugar coat it with elements of democracy, but it will basically be just for the show, not in earnest. The Moslem Brotherhood was conceived as a brainchild of the philosopher Qutb, and he made it  as an antagonist enemy organisation against the West, and the US especially. This is the reality. They may say otherwise, but we should be realistic in our approach to the Brothers, they are our enemies.

Taking this perspective into account, we can see, that a neutral approach to Egypt simply does not make any sense. Everybody in Egypt knows that the Moslem Brotherhood are trying to fool us, so if we do not acknowledge this, they will see us as fools.

On the other hand, we should be realistic with the real power we have in Egypt. This power lies in the connection we have with the army. They are the only ones who have any loyalty to us in earnest. Then there are the secular Cairo and the Copts. But both parties are very weak i terms of organisation, this their problem.

Taking a more historical view on the issue, as when it comes to plan ahead, we must also realize, that an armed Islamist Egypt will be a potential new Iran, we do not wish this to happen, it would be too dangerous for the world at large.

This leaves us with few options really. As I see it, we need to tackle the Brothers, and help our allies, but with at sincere respect for the democratic process we hope to see happen in Egypt.

This will only come by if we support the parties in Egypt who really wish to see a democratic and prosperous Egypt, and that is the secular forces, the military and the Christian minority. Add to this a few other groups and the picture is clear.

Now, democracy should grow from the people and up, but in this case it will not happen, the Moslem Brotherhood is simply too strong. we can either let them ruin our ambitions, or steer the country towards our goals.

It is the options we have. I do not like it, but this is the reality, and we have to face it.

My proposal would be to strengthen our connections to the military, ask them how to make a serious democratic process in the country and listen to their views.

Make a parliament, where the military have the presidential post in the beginning, to make sure that the Brothers do not turn Egypt into a failed Islamist state, and let the military have full sway over internal and external security forces.

On top of this, make sure that the minorities have a strong ombudsman institution to keep their rights and protect them against the Islamist attacks that they, according to Coptic solidarity, are prone to on a weekly basis.

This would make the civil service apparatus working again, and make the Egyptian society stable.

It is within Egyptian tradition to have a strong leadership, it has always been like that, and it would therefore have a good chance to succeed.

In this way, the democratic process could be initiated and hopefully end up in a Turkish version of a democracy.

G-d bless the beauty of Egyptian spirit.

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