The cause and the effect

We are entering a huge conflict between hopefully peacefulminded people, but most probably not. In this conflict we have to be sure, that our actions are as well founded in serious philosophy.

Theoprastus whom I read such a beautiful book of, has another gem of insight I would love to share with you guys here at the blog. As you may remember, he believed and argued the point that there is something good in nature, and it is the goal of all human beings to try to be in that spot, and not in the world at large where evil reigns.

He argues, that G-d in fact is not that strong in the sense, that he cannot directly change things on earth. His argument is like this; everything in nature and in fact everywhere is governed by cause and effect. What you do will have an effect on something, his again will be the cause to some other effect. In this way everything we do is not done in a vacuum, but in an unending chain of cause and effect. So, if G-d could really alter everything  he would then alter all causes and effects, and that is almost impossible, and not seen.

As Anaxagoras tells us; G-d is in existence, it is a natural power that is everywhere, but it enters life only at specific occasions, and that is when we call for it, and we are born.

The point is; we are, as individuals free to do what we see fit to do with our lives. If we choose to squander it away in idleness, we can do that, if we decide to pursue happiness and the good of live, we can do that.

But we should always remember that we are a part of the flows of the cause and effect, and therefore what we do will have a consequence down the road on our children and other parts of life.

The Danish philosopher Løgstrup believes that we carry our loved ones in our hands. Because love we feel and share are not something individual, but something shared, and if we do not carry the love of our dear ones, they will suffer.

In this way, the free choice we have, gives us a tremendous responsibility to the world, we are, as men, responsible for everything around us, and only if we fight for the realization of good, will the world turn that way. In this way, everyday is a fight for the goodness of the world. It is a fight that will never end, because there is so much evil around us, but only if we as individuals take up the mantel every day, and enter fray for the goodness of spirit will G-d really be with us

G-d bless all of the fighters for spirit and good.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    March 6th, 2013 at 13:49 | #1

    Hallo Asger
    Nice script. However keep this in mind. When Noah walked out of the Ark, God said “of every man I require a reckoning, whoever shed the blood of man, his blood shall be shed” That is the God given law of cause and effect.
    Jesus said “Whoever kill by the sword shall die by the sword” referring to the same law of Karma or Cause and effect. He then continued to the next step in man’s evolution by releasing the following truth, saying “As you forgive you will be forgiven” called the law of Grace, think of this one for a minute and understand the full implications.
    The law of Karma is unavoidable in this world and God does not break his own laws, ever, and the law of Grace is a perfect way of stopping negative Karma and making good karma.
    Due to man’s selfishness, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” left everybody blind and toothless as experiences have shown us, but the eye and tooth teaching was really just a lower step on the ‘ladder’, a half-truth of Gods original law, and all half-truths are sadly lies ment to deceive.
    The eye and tooth law is also not multi-generational; it is an erroneous rabbinical thing.
    You cannot reap somebody else’s sowings. Children do not get crocket teeth’s if their parents eat bitter grapes. However you chose your parents and your situation on earth before entering your body, hence their physical DNA attributes become yours and if they got red hair or big noses the offspring is likely to get it as well. However their level of Conscious awareness which is a Soul thing, is from other lifetimes and experiences.
    The beauty of the law of Grace is that it was ment to make us better people and help us overcome any adverse Karma. However, just because the karmic law is slow in coming does not mean it does not come. If it does not come in this life, it will come in a following life.
    Truth, clear and unpolluted truth, is what people need to progress spiritually and to regain their birth rights. Not theology or dogma, not rabbinical assertions, not religions, not rituals, funny customs, circumcisions and traditions, not sacred books and scriptures, not half-truths, and specially not funny hats, just truth. And the truths you need to help you advance are very specific, and are sadly still very well hidden from the majority of people because of the controlled information media and education.
    The beauty is that the Spiritual truth is seeping out everywhere and is non-stoppable. The truth is simple, “Love one another” It creates really good Karma and the implication of doing this is vast and far reaching to all people on earth. This short script is not an intellectual or verbal massage, this is a teaching for you to learn and live by. Remember that there is a great difference between The Truth and that which we have been told.
    Ignorance attacks Truth. Truth needs no law to support it. Truth is self-evident to all. Truth withstands re-examination and debate. Truth survives questions. Throughout history, from Galileo to Zundel, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts and persecutions to enforce adherence to dogma.
    Religions have murdered many truth speaking people, but truth speaking people rarely return the favor. Hence all religions and erroneous teachers are now reaping a whirlwind of bad Karma.
    In heaven there is a difference between Souls on higher levels and Souls on the lower levels, you see, everybody are at the level where they belong spiritually speaking. Whereas on earth it is different, there is so much good in the worse of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it behove no one to feel superior in any way, ever.
    The karmic accountability of feeling superior is devastating on those who do. Just look in your own community. Think about it? What is the opposite of delusions of grandeur??? What do you think they reap? (Action-Reaction).
    The fastest road to perfection is genuine HUMILITY contrary to what you have been told by your rabbis. They were just flapping their lips.
    All so-called religions including genocidal Zionism have become a performance in the theater of the absurd and obscene. Whatever they say has become an egregious lie. They have been stalling mankind’s spiritual development for generations with their deceptions and will be made accountable forthwith. Trust me.
    Rambunctious Souls and the spiritual dynamics of humanity will, it is apparent, soon leave all religious and ‘power’ institutions, as well as the traditional teachings behind. The age of the controlling religious and information structures, and other organisations and schools designed as instruments of domination, is over. The time of unmediated communion between the soul and Spirit, which has been gently rising for a hundred years, may soon take flight.
    I am painfully aware that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, as they say. The world is a dangerous place, not so much because of those who do evil but also because of those who look on and do nothing. So re-think your place in life.
    Stop learning so much. Start thinking for yourself for a change and turn off the trellevision (no pun intended). Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass… it’s about learning how to dance in the rain. Keep in mind that an amoral human being is not conscious or intelligent at all.
    What was featured in the now dying religion and rabbinical schooling was a ritualistic theater, immature spectacle defines it and Bombast substituted for substance. What is left is a maggot broth of seething evil. They are all sons of darkness (Belial).
    All the best. Humbly, I am Rene’ Descartes “Verum diligo vita”.

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