We are these days trying to envision a solution to the Egyptian crisis. First of all, we made that crisis because we promised the Egyptian population something better, the end of the road so far, has been to the worse. The possible take over of a hard-core Islamist government and constitution, is not what we fought for in the Libyan conflict or inspired to in the Arab spring first country Tunisia.

The Arabs wanted more freedom, a better life a more prosperous future for their kids, as we have here in the West.

Well, some things have improved, but for sure, if we do not take care, it would all possibly end up in a Islamist controlled Maghreb filled with enemies of the West, that would be a grave mistake, and make the world at large much more dangerous.

How do we actually find our footing in this quagmire, that is threatening to tear the upper part of the African continent apart?

First of all, we need to understand the basic building blocks of democracy in opposition to Islam. In a democracy the people will the decide the laws. In an islamic country, G-d or rather the clerics will decide the laws.

So there is a fight going on between the secularist, who believe the people should reign supreme, and the Islamist, who basically believe the clerics should decide it all.

This conflict is very strong in islamic countries, because the political sphere and the religious sphere is mixed in Islam. Therefor we need an institution to guarantee the secular rules of the country. Here Turkey is a good example, but also Israel is an example.

In both countries the army is strongly secular, and guarantees the secular, democratic order of the countries. They are often in opposition to Islam, as they are both vying for the power to legislate.

Therefor, a Turkish model of democracy could be a possible ideal to work towards. It has worked in Turkey in a hundred years, and could work in Egypt, Libya and other Maghreb countries.

The conflicts will, however, always be present, and therefore there is always a danger of an Islamist takeover as long as there is an Islamist will to take over. That is the reality, so we are always in danger, but it is better than a full-fledged war between the Islamists and the democrats.

G-d bless the will to make peace.

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