babylon03I am trying to learn Hebrew through my own means. You know, people often tell you to do this or that, but really, to use your own creative way is often the best.

I realized, that the best way to understand a culture, is to understand its roots. The deepest roots of Judaism comes with a man called Abraham, he was from a Mesopotamian city called Ur, and later emigrated to Babylon. Ah, that makes sense I thought, that is why the basis of the jewish script; Hebrew has its counterpart called Assyrian, because really the origin of Hebrew must have been Assyrian somehow.

It started with the rebel Abraham, who fought for the wellbeing of a nation. He did not know, that at this time, we define him as the father of all nations.

The problem with the nation is not that it is filled with racist bigots, the problem of the nation is that it creates immoral behavior, at least that was what happened to Babylon, where Abraham lived his life, ant tried to use as a stepping stone for the creed of nations.

Now, the children of these nations we have today, are mostly unknowing of the basis of the nation they live in. They believe that the best is the worst. They see the problem as the solution.

Let me explain. The problem of a nation is the fact that it creates a space for immorality, which is the lack of respect for teacher, the citizenship. The young are idolized, and all ethics just floats. Now who may you think the people are who shun the citizenship as an institution, who idolize the young, and show no respect for the teachers? Are they the people who love the nation, or the people who disregard it?

Well there you have it, the ones who see the nation as the root of all evil, are the creations, or rather the worst creations of the nation.

The problem of the nation is the ones who hate it, and yet they are the real creation of the same.

Now, many muslims in Europe really disregard Europe, and yet the ally themselves with the very problem they as faithful should shun; the ones who hate the nations.

Now, that is an enigma of today.

Perhaps a deeper understanding of Abraham will shed some light on the issue, perhaps not. But one thing is certain, the ones who see us who love nations as evil and racist will never realize that they themselves are the real problem.

G-d bless the Nation of Babylon, our ancestor.

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