Israel and Iran

We can discuss how Israel should contribute to the conflict with Iran. First of all, the problem is; it is a war. War is one of the most difficult things to handle in terms of ethics. There are several problems. If you just fight, you might win, but it can be meaningless without an ethical aim. Let me give you an example. When Goliath fought David. What would the ethical aim for Goliath be? I mean, David was a smallish and young boy with only a sling. It would not be an honourable victory, and he would be seen as a tyrant if he won. That would, potentially fall back on his army.

Now, David had a mission, and it was an ethical mission; he wanted to free his people. He did so, and therefore won a lot of honour, and his path towards kingship was initiated.

The same goes with Iran. If we conduct the war as Goliath, we would not win any honour, and as a consequence our standing in the world would diminish and it would, potentially, give us a lot of trouble.

We somehow need to envision an ethical aim with the conflict to survive as a nation.

My proposition has been, from when we initiated the Libya war, to free the people when we engage. In Libya, there are a lot of problems, I admit that, but there is progress as well. The standing of the US and France has improved a lot as a consequence. People recognize the ethical goal of the liberation, and they, slowly, progress on the path of the democratic rule we take for granted.

Now, democracy is not just a framework, it takes a lot of learning and education to really work. This is the work we should engage in after we topple the mullahs of Iran. As a friend, and as a serious, honorable partner. We have the knowledge that Iran thirsts after. Iran wants to be a dynamic, progressive country that is respected and a natural partner in the international commonwealth. It can only achieve this, if it gets the knowledge we posses.

So, we should both use our power, and our heart to work with Iran, together with America, Russia, France, England and other countries that wants to join in the war and the liberation of Iran.

I know, that most jews yearn for peace, but are realistic in their estimate for war. I know, I am, myself, persecuted by the secret police here in Denmark, for being an outspoken jew. But, we are always forced to believe in the good of the world if we are to succeed in our mission as the light upon the nations.

I say; go with the light. Join hands with Russia, The US, perhaps Denmark, UK, France, and liberate the oppressed people of Iran.

G-d bless the warm heart of the jew.

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