The secret police of the north

We have a problem in Northern Europe. Let me be absolutely frank about it; there is a concentration of Islamist power in the northern region. It has come about through infiltration of the UN, forcing the UN to send so called “refugees” to Northern Europe, picking Islamists footsoldiers to send to asylum camps. Not all the refugees have been Islamist footsoldiers, but a great part of them have. This has created, together with a 1990 style import of Arafat Palestinians, an underground of Islamist controlled and active network in the Northern Europe.

Now, things have changed, the Arab spring has weakened the Islamists considerably and together with the spirited fight against the different Al Qaeda franchises, the Islamist are weaker than before. This has also created a democratic muslim network, primarily among Iranian expats, some of them my good friends.

Now, the EDL, SIAD and the other defense leagues are made up of patriotic citizens of the northern european countries, they are, in all respect, representatives of the military fighters. They are the persons who fight in Afghanistan who at home confront the same enemy  they fight abroad.

This movement, that is, mainly controlled and organized by serious patriots without a racist agenda, they have been vilified and persecuted by internal forces. Me myself, I have had my family torn to pieces, and cannot get a job both because of the public vilification, and, I suspect, a helping hand of the secret services, in Denmark called PET.

The politicians here in Denmark are supporting us, though mostly tacitly. There are some extremists, but the major part of the political parties of cause do support the fight both internally and externally. Anything else would be raving madness. There is however a but, and that is a serious problem; the secret services, that is the internal security forces, do not support the fight against the Islamists. The Islamist have been free to expand their spheres of influence through violent means. That is, the so-called “ghettos”, that is really, Islamist controlled areas have had the opportunity to expand with the tacit approval of the internal security forces. It sounds like madness, especially when you consider the methods, that is, in classic Islamists style; persecution, rape, criminal activity and so on. There are hundreds of little occurrences everyday. Then the Islamists extract money from local businesses they disapprove of. Then they create sex slave rings, then they beat up girls who do not wear a veil, then they try to burn down the local synagogue. The normal police is persecuted when they enter into the Islamist territory, and the fire workers and medical workers are also persecuted.

Now this is, by all measures, a direct attack on the integrity of the states. As a consequence it would be the obvious thing for the internal security forces to act on the criminal activities and put them to justice. But, lo and behold, the exact opposite action happens. The political forces who try to, peacefully, to address the problem, stage rallies, and walk in the street are actively persecuted by the secret police, all the while the Islamists are helped and free to roam. That is; plaguing the local Jewry and local people. We saw it in Luton where they had the nerve as to attack the military on the street. If they are bold enough to do that, then they are bold enough to do many other things as well. These days we hear horrendous stories about sexrings made by local Islamists or immigrant gangs, with the tacit approval of the police.

That is absolutely disgusting.

Now, on top of this, the Danish secret police have an open collaboration with the Islamists. On the very 9/11, they day the twin towers fell, they organized a get together of a leading Islamists and Danish Islamists. The mere absurdity of the actions is baffling. We have, as Danes, English and Americans fought several wars because of the fall of Twin towers, and the secret services, the internal security forces of the attacked countries celebrate it. Hand in hand with the attackers. The absurdity is truly beyond belief.

Now, how has this come to be?

To understand that, we have to focus a bit on the internal security forces, and the current history of the latter. In the seventies and eighties, along with most of the security apparatus of the West, the Danish security forces were the target of waning KGB infiltration. In Denmark  the infiltration was almost complete, after all we were at the forefront of the front, and traditionally we have a close relationship with Russia, that goes many centuries back. But, basically the internal secrets services ate the KGB propaganda raw. They succumbed to communist influence. This is a story that, these days seem to unfold some in the political world, where the democratic and conservative wing is trying, in vain, because of the reluctance of the secret service, to get some knowledge of what really happened during the cold war. So far, the Danish secret service has outright denied to comply . That is the same as saying, that they were in with the KGB big time.

So we have a secret service that is, already compromised with dubious activity under the cold war. Enter the Islamists. The Islamists are, according to my sources, KGB trained. It goes through Iran, and involves players as the Moslem brotherhood, Hamas you name it you hate. That is; infiltration of media, academia, political life, and, not the least; the police.

I know that the cooperation between the secret police and the Islamists is in place and has been for a long time already. The police openly worked with the Islamists under the Mohammad cartoon crisis, even openly supporting them and thanking them at the time. Imagine that; working with the enemy under such conditions. And lately the happening at 9/11, there are other occurrences as well.

Basically, they are working together.

Now, the secret police also work together with numerous other parts of the society, the extreme right-wing, perhaps the extreme left-wing. So just working together with them is not the same as supporting them. But given the fact, that the territories of the Islamist are left alone, the fact that huge openly supported iranian mosques is not labeled as a threat to society, the persecution of the criticizers of the Islamists, and the celebration at 9/11, we have a clear case of infiltration at our hand. The Danish secret service has, as in the cold war, been infiltrated again. The fools.

Now, this leaves the rest of the West, and the military with a bit of a problem. How to tackle this breach of security. Remember the cooperation leads to mayhem in the larger cities in Denmark. And if the trend is more than just a Danish problem, something tells me that at least England is in problem as well, we have to do something about it. This also creates a lot of trouble in the wars we are fighting around the world. The Islamists living in Denmark go fighting in the wars abroad. So we have the absurd situation, that we are fighting our own countrymen in places like Afghanistan. One of the inmates in Guantanamo was a Danish citizen.

The situation is not sustainable in the long run. I have tried to reach the secret services for a long time now, the defense leagues have, with peaceful means tried to address the situation for a long time. Nothing happens.

We simply have to conclude, that, for the time being. The secret services are so infiltrated, that they are not to be considered as a part of the internal security system of Denmark or perhaps other countries in the North, but a betrayer and a collaborator with the enemy. They are the enemy.

This has to be a realization that will have to be accepted throughout the security forces of the North, and acted upon accordingly.

The foreign forces should also consider fighting on the right site of the fence when it comes to opposing of befriending the internal, infiltrated security forces of the North.

We can hope, that they change their mind. But untill they do, they are to be considered and acted upon as close allies to Al Qaeda, iranian foreign forces and Palestinian fighters.

Is is a not an abstract thing, it comes down to the rape of our daughters, the increased persecution of jews and the active persecution, by the secret police of the patriots of the Northern countries.

G-d bless the peace and the righteous.

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