As I touched upon in the last article, we need to refresh our approach to the internal security forces of the Northern European hemisphere. They are not working the right way.

Let us recapitulate. We have, in Libya, in Tunis and halfway in Egypt fought for arab democracy. We have had the opportunity to ignite a wonderful wave of freedom seeking societies, a feat none believed before we started. Likewise in Iran, we are on the brink of a system change, if we are diligent and extremely careful. We will bring peace to the Middle East and beyond.

But, there is a but. We are not protected in our own homelands. The internal security forces are using the goodwill the military creates to shelter the exact enemies we fight abroad. Creating a situation where we are extremely vulnerable in our homes. It has come to the extreme, where our own daughters are passed around as slaves in Islamist rings. This is not tolerable, not at all. Add to the rise of antisemitism, and the picture is a Gauguin mixed with Picasso on very bad day.

Now, we need to mend that. So far, the internal security forces have not responded to our criticism, and our means are too violent for them to really understand. Killing people is the craft of the warrior, but the craft is a forceful weapon to use on soft and meek citizens. We need another approach, but first we need to understand what motivates the traitors of the internal security forces. It is a mix of two:

1. Fear

2. Ideology

Why do the internal forces keep persecuting me and my friends? Because they are afraid. They got scared, a lot, under the Mohammad Cartoon crisis. Now, this is the intention of the Islamists. That is what terror really means. It means striking fear in the enemy, (us). Terror is a subjective feeling. If we really look at the true strength of the Islamists, it is not much. They have some half-baked street thugs they can scare the citizens with, and, potentially a nuclear bomb in Iran. But compared to the combined strength of the West, it is not much. Add to this the fabled and disgraceful cowardice of the Islamists. (They only fight when they are sure to win). They are not a force to be scared of. Take the example of the Mohammad film made in the US. If we simply ignore them, nothing happens. It is a psychological game, where they are, to be blunt; faking. In poker you would say that they are playing as though they have a full house on a very bad hand.

So the fear our cowardly security forces are reacting with, is just a fools game.

Then ideology. The security forces are both ex communists and part Islamists. They actually buy into all the crap (sorry), that the Islamists feed them with. So, in a strange and sick way, they have a lot of admiration for the Islamists. Why should they else use all their powers and a considerable amount of political capital at the persecution of me (the liberal offense to Islam), and openly support the Islamists. It is outright foolish, and has given them so much trouble, that it can only be based on personal choice.

Ok, so, in order to counter the fear and the ideology of the internal security apparatus. We need to find a way to fight their fear and their ideology.

Fear can only be fought with fear. If we were in a situation where we sat around a table, and had a psychological discussion, we could turn the fear around Freudian style. But that is not the case, we are talking about a huge and powerful security apparatus, that needs to be turned around. So we need them to fear us more than the Islamists. Tackle them in a way, that they will not rest in their sleep, where they are constantly watching over their shoulder, where their world fall apart, and they are afraid of talking to strangers. That way, they will fear us more that they will fear the Islamists.

Ideologically, we are already a long way. The sound paradigmatic definition of the conflict, that is, the democratic fight against the political part of Islam, is the ideology we fight for. This will leave them in a situation where they are in the wrong camp.

We will have to elaborate on this issue again in near future.

The process should be incremental. Too much conflict will make them too scared, and they will react in disbelief and will not accept the threat as anything real. We need to start in the small, and slowly increase the pressure until they are more scared of us, than the Islamists.

At a given point, we would have to rescue them, because that will be the point where they break. We will have to watch for that.

It is a psychogame we are entering, a game of nerves and intelligence.

The goal is a renewed internal security system without fear and a sound ideological base.

G-d bless the persecuted and the free.

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