Regime change and debates

We are now witnessing an emerging democratic movement in Iran. It seems to me, that not only are the Iranians tired of the economic sanctions that has been put the land, but they are actively voting, with their feet, for democracy.

In the past few days, an initial uprising has been seen in the markets of Teheran, where the money exchangers roam. This is a combined desperation and democratic urge we see emerge.

Now, this has to be supported. I support it 100%, I really do believe, that the Iranians, if they have the opportunity to be free, they will take that opportunity.

We all wish to be free, if we can. Sometimes we strive so hard, that the police will come and take us. This happens all the time in Iran. If we are not there to help them, when they cry for freedom, what are we as persons and fighters for democracy? We are not faithful to our values. So, be it Israel, and the US, and Russia, I hope we all will support the will of the Iranian people.

We will see, there is a fierce contest between the two presidential competitors these days in America. I have a close relationship to Mr. Barack Obama. But I know, that whoever will be the head of America, they will support the freedom of the Iranians. It would be a dire sin not to.

And then just at little comment to my friend Barack Obama. It seemed to be a defeat in the presidential debates. But, really, although I think Romney has improved significantly, if you dig into the details of the debates, and hopefully people will. They will realize, that the actual arguments were on your side. The problem for Romney is, that he has not detailed the plans he has enough. This gives him a weakness. That was my conclusion after seeing the debates yesterday. So, dig into details. Explain the details, and how things are wrong in a simple way, and that could give you an edge.

That said, I must pay my respects to Romney, he is catching up, and that is off cause, as friend of the US, a nice thing to see. We need a strong US, not a weak.

G-d bless the peaceful, democratic development in the world.

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