joy3I think, that the main aim of politics should always be positive. For several reasons. First of all, if it is not positive, why bother? Secondly, if you truly believe that there is such a thing as spirit, would it make sense to follow spirit, if it was not positive?

Therefor; JOY is the aim. But how do we find joy?

If you look at nature, you can see the vicious fight for survival as Darwin, or you can see the exquisite beauty as Plato.

Art is that; a search for beauty, and I believe that there should be a bit of an artist in all of us.

Anaxagoras, the predecessor of Plato had a philosophy that was so real and true, that in it lay a proscription of beauty. He saw in life the touch of G-d. He saw in the universe harmony, and he tried to instill the human race to search for that beauty.

We have had a long time where we tried to understand spirit in the light of Plato, then Aristotle, perhaps now it is time to go for the true master of the three; Anaxagoras. He invented the systems Plato and Aristotle based their thought on. But the beauty of his system is unsurpassed.

I believe, that redemption of the Christian church lies in his works, because it can then level out the playing field with physics.

Find joy and harmony again. Be free as humans.

G-d bless the ability to be free.

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