I have a feeling, that I am finally getting through to Great Britain, with all my spirit. Listen guys, you know, I have nothing to gain from helping you. When you invited me to Oxford, I paid it myself, putting two months of work in the paper I delivered. After that, I have heard very little, I do not get anything out of it, I sacrifice myself. Right now, I should be working on some of my own projects, and yet I sit here, all engrossed in the English electoral fight. Why? Because, you are family.

We sprout from the same tree, we are one. It is a long time ago, but still the roots are the same.

So, my advice is free, truly free, in fact I paid it myself to get it to you. So there is absolutely no second agenda. I mean, if I tell my closest family or friends I work with the election, they hardly believe it.

So, from the bottom of my heart, with all I have in myself of support and love. GET UP! Believe in yourself, hold your destiny in your own hands. The aim is not to subject the waves, the aim is to survive.

Subjecting the waves is possible if you survive.

And remember this; at the end of the day, it is about who you are close to.

We are close to you, because we are the same family. Support those who you need and love, and you will be redeemed.

G-d bless England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

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