The true heart of the queen

dronningen-aleneDenmark is the land of fairy tales. Everybody knows the feeling and the ethos, mainly through H.C. Andersen, but also through numerous other fairytales, reproduced by Walt Disney and Barbie. In fact all small girls wish to be a princess and all true little champs wish to be a hero of the realm.

This philosophy comes all the way back from Dan, Skjold, Hamlet, Christian the IV and numerous other kings and queens of Denmark.

So concerning conservative moral fibre, as I see it, it is quite simple. Reach in for that boyhood dream, that vision of you as the cavalier, that dream of you being that prince on the white horse, and be it.

I will give you a relative late example, that has been powerful for us Danes. When we were occupied in the forties by Hitler, the king Christian the X was not so keen on the arrangement. The reason why we were occupied at all, were because we, except for at few die hard intellectuals, had been cowards in the face of the Naziwar machine, and being half German anyway, we thought we could ride it out.

England, the US, and especially Russia did pay for our liberation, we did not, to our shame.

So how did the king tackle this challenge? He rode, everyday, alone on his horse in the streets of Copenhagen. He was a tall regal man, and an avid equistrain.

He did not say anything, just rode, without any protection. It was a silent act of defiance. As time went, it became a happening, people started walking with him, in silence. Just walking, showing, with the king courage, defiance.

This is what leadership is about. Not screaming and yelling, just doing, in and against innumerable odds, what is right. If everybody around you have given up, still you can get up on that horse, and just move. It may be dangerous, it may be haphazard, but as it went, the king saved the honour of Denmark. He stood up, in a time of need.

Now, after the terrorattack on some of my dear friends in Copenhagen, our queen, bless her, is doing the same. In defiance of political correctness, in defiance of terror, in the face of danger, she calls on us, and tells us to be brave. To be united. Thank you so much dear queen, we truly, from the bottom of our tired souls and heart, needed that support.

It is not done in an inhuman or uncivilized way, it is just done with dignity. Supporting the troops, showing kindness to our sacrifice, doing it, not behind barriers or protected, but out in the open.

If she can do it, we can do it.

G-d bless the heart of the queen.

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