The mark of Cain

cain-si-abelI think a lot of people in the West do not really believe in themselves anymore. It is obvious in the political life, in clerical life, in the day to day workings of man.

It seems to me, that our civilization is old and tired. As in Rome, where Roman virtue was but naught, not long before it fell to our vicious forefathers of the north.

Ill told, ill fought, with a coziness and abandon that represents a dying culture. As a consequence, new more vigorous cultures seek to gain what our ancestors fought for over the last thousand and thousand years.

Look at the churches, some say they are just beautiful shells, we use them at weddings and burials and then not anymore. Look at our values, we sell them for comfort, until there is nothing more to sell. Look at our own self respect, it is so small, even though it makes no sense, when we truly look at our ability to organize, think, construct and invent.

I read this beautiful little book, it is about the second world war, and it represents it from the perspective of two children, one is a German boy, the other is a blind French girl. What really strikes me, is the strength of the Nazi ideology. It is so fierce and maniac in a way. Without any doubt, just a juggernaut of force.

When I met my first resistant fighter of the Second world war; Max, through my historical studies, he told me, that Nazism was extremely strong. So it makes sense.

My family of Jews fought the Nazies, and I have no illusions on the negative impact of Nazism. I however also see, that turning away from Nazism, also made us extremely weak. It fire branded and stigmatized elements in our society that we otherwise loved, like our northern mythology. It kind of monopolized the northern mythology.

To me, this is ridiculous, I mean, these are our roots, and just because they were abused, it does not mean they should not be valid. It is a matter of how you use it. For good or bad.

My basic point is; we have to be strong again. Not in a negative and Jewhating way, but in a positive way. We have to shed our guilt from the second world war, and regain the faith in our own culture.

The mark of Cain will always be that of Jew hatred. The mark of bliss will always be that of Jew love. I love Jews, from the bottom of my heart. I adore Moses, David, Ben Gurion, though he had his faults. I love Benyamin Netanyahy for his fight. I love my little daughter so much, that I gave her a Jewish name; Rakel.

With this, I hope that we can rise again in the West. With faith in ourselves, and on the side of good.

G-d bless us all.

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