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Maersk-flag-610x200It seems to me, that somehow my metaphysical and economic theories might blend in the case of UK politics. On one hand, I have tried to remake Adam Smith in a more balanced way, and at the other hand, I have tried to make a comeback for the Christian Churches and specifically the Anglican as well as the Catholic Church.

My point in the economic discourse, was the lack of conscience in relation to business, and metaphysically my main point have been, that G-d is truly alive.

In the case of his excellency archbishop Welby, the businessfocus has been “radical”, as in absolutely ethical, as I understand it. And in relation to Adam Smith, radicalism could be interpreted as a comeback to the understanding of business as a Conservative plight, where country, queen and flag is supported.

I have a friends within the Danish business community, among them the leader of the oil department of Mærsk. Quite an international business, with a gross production output in the billions. So it has a lot of people working, and it is as conservative as you can get it.

I was, to be proud of, read by the late mr. Mærsk, who was an old sailor, and a captain.

When I met my friend, I remember meeting him in this international headquarter, served by a german secratarie, business was done in mostly English, and I suppose I wondered why he wanted to be my friend.

I realized it a bit into the meeting. I told him about my ideas of a conservative reneassance of the importance of keeping virtues and values. All of a sudden, he almost jumped at me and he said, or rather shouted at me; We still flag with Dannebrog (the Danish flag). It kind of startled me, but the fire in his eyes was a contrast to all the international business around me.

That was why he wanted to be friend with a philosopher, who, by all means, was a leper in the eyes of everybody else, still is.

He was still loyal to the flag. The old flag, that came down to Denmark a thousand years ago.

So, we truly understood each other, and that is a story that both clerical as well as business should perhaps remember. Where they truly meet, is under that banner of the nation.

It might be totally out of fashion, alt modish and anti EU, but it still there, and people still believe.

On these vestiges of pride, should a new dawn be built.

G-d bless England.

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