When Galileo realized, that the sun did not turn around the earth, but it was the other way around, most people wanted to put him to the cross, and purge him from society. But after the time really understood him, he was commended as one of the greatest philosophers and scientists of the world.

My point is; something that seems strange and alien in the time may actually be right and will propel the human world further, after it is understood and accepted. It is because, human beings really do not like to have their world view challenged, they rebel if someone does that.

Take this realization I have just had with political science; that geometry lies at the heart of it. You can see it most prominently in Plato, who fathered the Republic. His idea was that societies start with a king, goes on wit an aristocracy and ends up in a democratic control. Hence the president (king), senate (aristocracy) and lower house (people). A triangle.

But in the works of Democritus, the father of progressive tax, you also see a lot of geometrical work.

These are some of the basic building blocs of what we today see as our advanced civilization. We just forget to use it when we create new systems.

Take Marxism. It is an international system based on Sparta, that was initiated as a very closed system. Because Lycurgus (the founding philosopher of Sparta) knew that his system had to be closed. So we have a system that was doomed to fail from the beginning. Russia is just now picking up the pieces.

Or the works of Adam Smith. He himself was aware of the balances of his ideas. You need freedom to be countered with rules and regulations. This is an equation. But we used only the freedom part, and forgot about the ethical part, giving us capitalism swallowing up man and humanity. It was not until I proscribed a cure, that would remake this balance that things seem to get into balance again.

Still I am trying to scream at the top of my lungs to make England take that proscription, and she falters to do it. Perhaps lacking the moral fibre. You have to be what you are in politics to be succesful. Conservatives are guardians of moral and ethics, and we we need conservatives to do their duty. Otherwise will the balance not work.

This is where Oxford comes into play. You are the lock, I am the key. Yes, you may be a little wary of the potential and the grand scope of my ideas, but truly, is it not always so with a renaissance, with new ideas? It will create Change.

I think we are entering a new age of enlightenment. In the 20´th century, due to the centralized way media worked, manipulation and hence the mediocre were the ruling party.

You can see it with the EU today. Is this the epitome of civilization? Not at all, and they are very much 20´th century created. Trying to manipulate and not elevate.

With the freedom of communication, it will again be merit that rules. Because, if there is a great market of ideas available at your fingertips, you would want to be guided or use the best. Why would you use the second best? You would not.

So, it will not be the person with the most direct acces to wealth, power or contacts that will propel the system forward, it will be the most competent and prolific. The best blogger or bloggers.

In this small window of opportunity, humanity has a chance. You never know when the window closes again, or the system somehow corrupts. I mean power has realized that comments on blogs are to be influenced. They have control over the blogging, to some extent, by sucking bloggers up in the mainstream newspapers. But they still have not all the power, and I am, as one of many, free.

The meritocratic system works, to the benefit of man.

G-d bless the freedom of the internet.

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