Vitruvian_ManOur planet is a mess, our societies are a mess, our future and past are a mess. This is because we do not care about balance and harmony. We only care about the immediate threat or problem to solve, so we loose sight of the larger picture, and often get ensnared in more and more complicated and unharmonious frames of existence.

Today our societies are a mix of Aristotelian/Platonic democracy on one side, and marxist international spartanism on the other side. Add to this the different religions and economic systems, and you see the patchwork is a work of different strands of ideas without any conscious effort to harmonize the different parts.

So we have chaos and lack of humanity as a result. You see it everywhere, crime is more rampant, the families are suffering, we get less children, we suffer from lack of faith in our own systems. Because we simply cannot understand all its parts, but we can see that something is wrong, and that it does not work.

To add to this mess, the philosophers who have influenced our political architecture in modern times lack the most basic understanding of what they are building on, so they make bad choices. Not to mention the followers of the different strands of philosophy know even less, so that makes it even more difficult to make any sense out of it all.

Then, as a consequence, people tend to fall for the simple answers, and find a solace in primitive systems, that gives them an easy fix, and peace of mind here and now.

They all miss the basic point; there is only one cure, and that is to fix the architecture of society, make new balances, suppress some elements of development, strengthen other, to make a new and more harmonious house.

But, then again, if you make a new house, you need to fit it into the surroundings. You cannot just start all over, as the futurists thought. You have to know the old, and fit it into that. So architecture of society should be individualized, as in Egypt, Israel, the US, UK, Denmark, France, Russia. Each nation is unique, and need unique solutions.

There is one thing we therefor need to remember, when we build our new political buildings; the ideas were created with one special aim in mind; geometrical harmony. That was how the ancients thought. They new, and harmony is a matter of finding the right balances in the house. You cannot have a heavy beam without a strong pillar. And you need a strong base under the different pillars of the house. To make it harmonious, you need to see the beauty in the geometrical forms; the triangle of power, the equality in racematters, the pyramid of society, with the family as the base.

These thoughts of harmony is what creates a happy and content society. The more advanced, the better.

G-d bless the architecture of society, and may it be healed and whole again.

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