The moral sentiment

Dwarrowdelf_LoTRThere is a lot of talk about a renaissance of England, and how this is tied to a ”Thatcherite” way of thinking about conservatism. How ms. Margaret Thatcher was driven by a want to do a bidding in her life. How she had problems alleviating the Smithsonian want for free markets and Hayek’s ideas of minimal state, with a want to serve G-d.

Well, the point is, as I see it; she wanted to serve G-d. How you do it will represent a challenge to all who are Christian Muslim or Jew, but that you should do it, should never be challenged, at least not if you want to see yourself as a conservative.

My angle has been a little different than that of Hayek and the other Chicago conservatives. I have stood my ground, time and again, when I thought that something was wrong. Not more, nor less. I did it, when the dot com boom faded and lives and destinies of men were caught up in its wake. I cried for justice and honor in the face of a live stealing capitalism that did not see the man in all the wreckage it did. Leading to my first book; The Good Leader, that was a wrap up of Aristotle’s Ethics, fused into modern business.

Then when I discovered that young girls in my community was raped and misused. I stood up again and cried for justice and repercussion.

Both times I payed with ridicule and antagonism. The first time I fell sick for ten years, the second time I was persecuted for another ten years, leaving me to almost falter a second time. By I stood tall, because IT WAS NOT RIGHT!

After a while I realized that there were several anchors to this way of seeing things. Adam Smith talks about freedom of goods, but at the same time he talks about the moral sentiment. A feeling for what is right and wrong, an inner compass, something divine inside each of us, that we as men can refer to. That is, in essense conservatism. To reach in to that inner sanctum of soul, reaching in, and finding that rigid stick, that burning flame, that strength of religion. That, feeling that there is something that is right, and there is something that is wrong, and with the knowledge of the cost, stand on side of good.

Jesus does it as well, Martin Luther as well, all the great protestant philosophers and church men had one mark that put them as the epigone of their time; they stood tall in the face of evil, of corruption, of the little seduction, of that we call ”easy living”. Being a conservative is not easy living, it is hard living. Fighting for something, crawling into that mount Moriah, to put the ring in the depths of fire. It may cost you your life, your money. Sometimes your future and your security, your friends or family. But at the end of time, you have served the greatest thing in life. You served your own conscience, and with that, the spark of G-d within you.

G-d bless England, and may she rise again.

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