We are discussing the consequences of the deal with Iran. Will it be usable, will it work, will it make the Middle East a better place.

Well, the main guarantee is now mr. Barack Obama. He will, as long as he is president of the United States, back it up.

But after he is not the president anymore, what then, will the deal still bind?

Well, who knows. We can only guess. But one thing is clear. I will there backing it, and that is almost as powerful, as things are right now.

I believe in it, and I hope that the legacy of mr. Obama will be one of turning the world around and making it more peaceful.

Can we trust mr. Obama? Well, he has grown, and is now a fully grown, mature, internationally leading statesman, with a lot of experience. Is that a man to trust? I mean, who would you not trust, if you cannot trust a man of that stature?

He is what he is, and he says what he means.

G-d bless you all.

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