The Roman church of the catholics is an institution of an ancient mold. Really it is the inheritor of the Roman Republic that defined the European continent from about 200 BC to 3-400 AC.

This system is not what you see and understand if you look at it superficially, it is deep, ancient, its institutions are deeply molded in traditions and there are many misdeeds done in the old times, as well as victories won thousands of years ago.

Now it is to be renewed, but, as I see it, it should be renewed with respect to the traditions.

The core of any religion or at least any monotheistic religion, must look at its roots to be reignited. A system should never just begin from scratch, because the basic principles are really built into the very core of the institution. But the principles should always be understood in the reality we face today.

What is the most radical change the world has met these last ten to twenty years? The advent of the internet. The internet is a huge challenge to all who are trying to hide something. As the Palestinians and their use of the press as a tool of lying, as the EU where all the decisions used to be unknown to the public, and also to the Vatican, where secrets held behind closed doors appear in the public, lately in the form of what we know as Vatileaks. Secrets of the Vatican state made public.

Now, I do not share the urge to confront the Vatican, in fact, I really wish the state of Rome to prosper and spread the words of spirit. But I do think any institution should address the challenges that the internet and the transparency it gives to the world, on a sound basis.

We need to make a new progressive strategy as a response to the challenge we meet. Instead of seeing it as a problem, we should see it as a prodding to do something better.

Now, there is a reason to the monotheistic religions being the religions of light. Deep down in the very core of our religions there is the principle of truth and light. In the Christian faith, Jesus Christ is said to be the redeemer because he is the light and he brings truth.

Therefor my advice would be to be true. Not only in communication with the press, but also internally. Because if there are not secrets to dig out, there will be no reason for the internet hackers and other people to begin digging.

Really you could say, that spirit is trying to tell us something, what it tells us is perhaps, that the ideas of connected love, will only work if there are no boundaries between people. Secrets make boundaries, and you feel that you should cover your tracks, and then you start living in the darkness. Truth will let you live in the light. Now, there are probably many secrets that are not revealed, and not all should be revealed at once, but the remaking of the Holy Roman church would and should be based on a construction where people are true, and as a consequence are ethically sound, because evil prosper in the dark, good in the light.

Practically, I believe an ideology of truth and honesty should be released in the church. Make the priest wov to the light, let them be as the founder of your church, let them be the warriors and the harbingers of light, and the you may be redeemed.

G-d bless the light.

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