140332_05_03_02When Rome started, it was a small tribe living in the vicinity of Etruria. Etruria was a strange civilisation, that had come from somewhere in the mediterranean. Even today we are not really clear about the original traces of the Etruscan civilisation, it was just there all of a sudden.

Rome was built on the basis of Etruscan beliefs, still, deep down at the very basis of the Palatine hill, there is a circular structure; the first temple in the history of the Romans.

Now, many, many things have happened after the first Romans started their journey towards the hegemony of most of the world, but as a starting point, I believe the deepest spiritual ideas should be understood in order to give the Roman church a renaissance. A structure, be it physical or spiritual, is a slowly evolving entity that will only be lead, if you really understand it.

Now, the Etruscans had a strange vision of the world. They thought, that you could copy the world of spirit in the material world. They thought, that the world of spirit was extremely well structured, and they had a map. This map, they rebuilt in the material world. Therefor, the Etruscan cities were all absolutely alike in their basic plan, and therefore were the armies of Rome always camping in a total replica of their original cities.

Now, the point is, in its core, Romans believed, that crossing the boundaries of the spiritual world in the material world, was a sin comparable to the gravest of sins. A centurion leaving his guard was a dead man. Not because of the physical danger he put is comrades in, but because he had broken the laws of the material/spiritual world of the Etruscans. This is the original idea of discipline, a very Roman concept.

Now, this concept must be used again. There must be discipline again in the Roman church. No more misbehaving, no more stories of child abuse, no more crossing of borders that are both spiritual as well as material. If there is any meaning to the idea of a Roman revival, the very core; the discipline of the members of all who call themselves the heirs to Rome, should be reinstated.

G-d bless the spirit of Rome.

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