I believe, that the progress of the American lead initiative in the Middle East is going quite well. I really am sorry for Israel, having to excuse themselves for the Marvi Marmara raid. I would personally have had a hard time doing it, not at least as a rejection for the fighters who actually boarded the ship, but also as a dishonourable thing for Israel in general.

But in the interest of peace, we do many things to come around, and the relationship between Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Obama is crucial to a peaceful solution to the Middle East I believe.

So, honour is not always the most important, sometimes peace is more important.

Anyway, thank you for the free hand in regards to the defense of Israel, and we will see how things fare. But one thing is certain, we are closer to a peaceful Middle East now than before, and that is a good thing for all of us.

G-d bless the peace we strife to find, and G-d bless the Americans and the Israelis in friendship.

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