The Vatican church

Looking at the lay-out of the European culture, there is no doubt, that the faith in spirit is weak. There are a few glimpses here and there, but basically, the faith in spirit is weakening.

This leaves a huge hole in the mindset of the Europeans, it is filled with drugs, television, drinking and the worse. The material world swallows the individual as they are empty husks.

Some people never realize, that there is such a thing as spirit, and are living in the life as strangers of everybody, sleepwalking from day-to-day, not knowing themselves.

The Christian church must fight to fill this void, it has to be ingenious, as architects of G-d. Use all means necessary to carry people out of their misery and into the spiritual world.

It is extremely difficult these days, where people are forcefed emptiness, and few believe in anything anymore, but as the leading church of Europa and beyond, it has to shed all its timidness, all the “perhapses” and the “maybes”, and simply start the fight here and now.

Start the enlightening of the world, and give people the opportunity to love again.

We are all so poor in the realm of spirit, that everybody really hungers, even people who do not know it, and therefore we need a new system of churches to open the gates of spirit.

G-d bless the Vatican Church.

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