The Christian Minorities of Middle East

Christian+Copts+in+EgyptThe very ancient homelands of the Christians; Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria are these days in the most evil of circumstances; the people there are persecuted, vilified, their daughters are raped, and they are easy prey.

This is the homeland of a beautiful culture, and their faith is all in our hands. They are totally without the means as to defend themself, and they have only one single glimmer of hope; that we in the West recognize their destiny, and help them.

We should do that, if there is any meaning in the ideas of a human being on the side of the light.

Their destiny is largely ignored in the Western press, and they are therefore not really anything we discuss, this despite the fact that we are deeply involved in the countries; economically, militarily and diplomatically. What does it make of a core of meaning if we ignore some of the worst possibly nightmares of persecution and theft of human rights?

It does not make any sense. We often live in our own little bubble here in the West, the terror and the nightmares other people experience is not really on our radar, we prefer to live our easy lives and disregard the suffering of the friends we really have.

Now, as I see it, both the Vatican state, Russia and the US should support the hapless and victimized Christian minorities in the Maghreb. It can be done in many ways, diplomatically, militarily, putting pressure on the involved states and support he right leaders.

Take Syria. We are, in the West, are giving aid to the most depraved Islamist rebels. Who pays for this? The Christians, who are traditionally allied with the Alawi rulers, that is, today Assad. Same in Egypt. Morsi pays lip service to our demands, while turning a blind eye to the conflicts everywhere in Egypt between Salafis and the local Christians.

We are supporting the wrong people. You could say, that it is right to support Muslims, when they are persecuted, to this I absolutely agree, but when they are the persecutors, it does not make any sense to support them.

Then there is the power game between Russia and the US. But since this has, more or less, come to a peaceful solution, I hope we can stop the support of the outright genocide on the few remaining Christian minorities in the Mahgreb.

The Vatican church, are in a great dilemma. So far, during the wise and loving Benedict, it has called for peace. But what will the priorities of Francis be? Calling the game, and put light on the true matters of the countries? We are talking about a tremendous catastrophe, and the eradication of an ancient church. We are much poorer if it happens, it should not happen.

These are dangerous and difficult questions. I believe, as the tradition calls upon us; that we should shed light on the issue, tell people what really happen, help the Christians there if we can, give them shelter, and give them some help from the good grace of our hearts. They are all that is left of an ancient and rich tradition, they should be protected with all we have.

G-d bless the rightful and the loving

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